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Colombia Motorcycle Adventure Tours

We've referred to Colombia as being "South America's Proudest Country," and such sentiment will be felt upon your arrival in this lush, beautiful landscape. Old stereotypes of a war-torn country are a thing of the past, and the Colombian people welcome adventure riders to explore their stunning homeland as Colombia has burst onto the world tourism stage these past 20 years.

From the rich coffee plantations around Salento, through the tropical oddity of the Tatacoa Desert, the entire Cocora Valley and Chicamocha Canyon, Colombia's variety and fun riding has seen many of our Customers return for a 2nd trip. This northernmost country in South America is hugged by the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, and remains a popular choice for Riders wanting to get away from long, cold winters. That said, please keep in mind there is limited availability to this motorcycle rental fleet in Colombia, and Riders should plan 6+ months in advance to ensure this adventure riding vacation is ready when they want it most!

Back when RIDE Adventures first did its exploration work and started offering motorcycle tours & rentals in Colombia back in 2010, we were getting comments like "are you guys crazy? Who wants to get shot or held hostage by the drug cartels?!!?"

Years have passed though, and plenty of our happy Customers have returned home from Colombia (and the rest of South America) safe and healthy with nothing but good things to say about the people and places they've encountered. As is true with riding or exploring almost any part of the world, if you don't go "looking for trouble," you'd have to be pretty unlucky to find it. This fact remains especially true in Colombia, where the proud people want to show us what they have done to forge change from what was a dark and dangerous history of cartel rule.

Remember that during cold northern winters, Colombia's position just above the equator makes for a fantastic warm-weather getaway and adventure riding opportunity. Riders must book these trips well in advance though, as the word gets out more each year: Yes, it's safe to RIDE in Colombia!


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