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Off-Road Training Expeditions for Adventure Riders

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Whether you are a seasoned street rider looking to build your off-road skills from the ground-up, an intermediate ADV rider wanting to take your technique to the next level, or a local rider lacking confidence to take that epic dream ride into remote territories and foreign countries, you've come to the right place! 


  • Dual sport adventure riding with multiple-daily training sessions along the way!
  • Enhance your technique on sand sections, hill climbs, ruts, rocks, gravel riding, off-camber terrain, descents, turn-arounds, packing, and more.
  • Possible regional wildlife sightings in and EPIC views. 
  • Ride away a more confident, capable, safe and fun-having rider thanks to our mutual commitment to your growth as a rider


The difference between a novice rider, an intermediate rider and an expert rider, is their level of mastery, finesse and confidence with the basic fundamentals. These basic fundamentals translate across all aspects and levels of riding, and that is what we will work on.

"Practice makes perfect," as the old saying goes, and that's why our Training Expeditions weave together key training drills with exciting adventure riding in real world scenarios while enjoying beautiful scenic landscapes. Instead of just riding around a closed course with imitation obstacles, we ride on real terrain, stopping to work on specific techniques in a variety of situations. Our expert instructors will be with you coaching and encouraging you every step of the way.

Becoming a Better Off-Road Rider

We're going to hone your technique and build your confidence for what lies ahead, just like was discussed in some of the videos in our Adventure Motorcycle Training Series on YouTube:

  • 6 Essential Riding Techniques - The simple, useful, and fun little moves we make, from pressuring the footpegs, to floating the front wheel, and "steering with your rear." Let's focus on some fundamentals that will help you for a lifetime of safe and fun riding ahead.
  • 4 Ways to Turn Your Adventure Motorcycle Around - Whether you have plenty of time available, or a hungry bear is about to charge, let's work on 4 great ways to get your bike headed the opposite direction.
  • How to "Bounce" Your Adventure Bike - Almost nothing gets in your way when the right timing, traction, suspension dynamics, and body movements are considered properly in anticipation of what lies ahead.
  • Mastering Hill climbs - The most fun aspect of riding for many of us, don't get turned around by forgetting "your 2 best friends" on every hill climb. We'll make sure you can conquer what your bike is capable of.
  • When and Why You Should Stand while riding an ADV Motorcycle - Let's be there together, actually riding in the dirt, and review why a rider would choose to sit or stand. There are reasons for and against each, and riders can review with our Instructors what might be best for you in real ADV riding scenarios.



I wanted to write a sincere thank you for our amazing experience with your two day training option right there in Bend Oregon on September 3rd and 4th.

My brother Nick organized this trip. He owns his own KTM and rides often here in Western Colorado. His goal was to ride with us, his two brothers.

The problem: Nate and I haven’t ridden a dirt bike or motorcycle for more than thirty years!

He signed us all up for your course and we couldn’t be happier. Nate and I scrambled to get our
motorcycle endorsement added just in time for the trip. That should tell you how green we were. All three of us chose the rental bike option and are thrilled we did to experience some really nice equipment.

The Wasser Brothers

Read The Full Review

- Our thanks to Adam for the kind words and satisfaction in knowing that our ADV Training Expeditions have helped the Wasser Brothers build a foundation for their future riding plans. See you guys in Baja : )

RIDE Team, 

"Thanks for a super fun weekend. I am already trying to plan how to join you for one of your Baja trips.

It seemed a little slow paced at times but I didn’t realize I needed slow and basic as much as I did. The basics of cover the clutch and eyes up are foundation things took away and need to remember. Tyler was GREAT! He offered up a couple of short side trips for those of us that wanted an extra challenge.

I enjoyed the training more than any other I have attended. The combination of focused skills training with instructor demonstrations and then putting the skills to practice in real life riding was a great learning structure. Your training program is unique, it was training and an adventure ride all rolled into one fantastic weekend!"

Jeff Lange

the moto and mountains
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ADV Training Overview

  • Training Start & Finish: Bend, Oregon (use RDM Airport) or Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS)
  • Type/Format of Package: Adventure Training Expedition - riding and stopping occasionally to work on specific drills and terrain challenges  Focusing on the fundamentals, practice makes perfect!
  • Riding Skills/Competency Level: Designed for Riders with at least l000+ miles of previous motorcycle riding experience, and either no experience off-pavement, or a modest amount of simple off-pavement riding prior to participating. This training is about working on basics to create self-sufficient riders, building your dual sport confidence and capability from the ground-up.
  • Duration: 2 Training Days (out and back each day.) Option to expand your riding plans by renting the same bike you've been training on for extra days, to explore more of the beautiful riding atmosphere around us.
  • Training Route & Terrain: Approximately 50-75 mile loops each Training Day
  • Weather Statistics:  Click here for Bend, Oregon  or click here for Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Group size: Typically 5-10 bikes
  • Motorcycles available for rent on this trip: BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike,) or our Honda CB500X, Yamaha Tenere 700, Honda Africa Twin/Adventure Sports, or KTM 790 Adventure/R


Inclusions in Training Expedition Packages (a la carte)

BYOB - 2 Days of professional instruction and coaching by our experienced Guides on your own motorcycle.
- RIDE Adventures shirt & Swag

Rental Included - Same as above plus motorcycle rental of your choice, Giant Loop Tank Bag, Required 3rd Party Liability Insurance, and Basic crash protection

Not Included:

  • Flights
  • Accomodations
  • Visas if necessary per your passport
  • Personal Items, gifts, snacks, etc.
  • Special activities (rafting, fishing, etc.)
  • Meals
  • Alcohol
  • Fuel
  • Personal, Medical, Trip or Travel Insurance
  • Fully Refundable Security Deposit for rentals (*Please inquire on specific costs associated with your requested rental or tour package)
IMG_2063 (Large)_compressed


*Reminder: Please only come to our training with complete and proper riding gear, fully-protected knees, ankles/shins, elbows, helmet and all. Exactly copying Eric’s Ultimate All-Weather Set-Up from this video is not necessary, but think about your own safety, and that training off-pavement often involves a tumble or two. Also consider the points in our “9 Motorcycle Riding Gear Mistakes” video, and do some testing and break that gear in before you arrive!


  • Arrive in (training location), the earlier the better! 
  • 5:30 PM - Rental Customers: Meet with RIDE staff to sign rental contracts. Remember to bring your riding gear and motorcycle license, as you’ll be riding back to your hotel on the rental bike!! 
  • 6:00 PM - (Optional) Informal Meet & Greet, food and drinks. 


  • 8:00 AM - Please come fully geared-up with full fuel tanks and lunch packed, ready to RIDE!
    • About 45-minutes for check in/mingle, coffee, breakfast, or snacks
    • Bring your snacks/lunch and hydration for lunch  on the trail! 
    • Motorcycle fitment & adjustment
  • 8:45 AM - Pre-ride briefing
  • 9:00 AM - Kickstands up, let’s RIDE!!! 
  • 1:00 PM - Lunch - On the trail, don’t forget to pack snacks & plenty of water!
  • 4:00 PM - Back to meeting area
  • 6:00 PM - (Optional) Dinner/Drinks  -  for those interested in gathering together after a fun day on the trails.


We invite you to stay and RIDE more to continue mastering your new skills while enjoying the incredible riding and landscapes in the area,  otherwise you are free to go.

***If you wish to rent a motorcycle to continue riding, make sure to reserve extra rental days with us, but be sure to do so in advance!

Off-Road ADV Training Pricing and Details

  • BEND, OREGON = $595
  • LAS VEGAS = $795

+BYOB (bring your own bike): no additional charge

+Rental Motorcycle of your choice:

  • Honda CB500X = $400
  • Yamaha Tenere 700 = $440
  • KTM 890 Adventure / R = $500
  • Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 = $460
  • Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 (2020+) = $480

+Extra Riding Days at a Discounted Rental Rate - Tack on extra riding days as you wish to continue practicing and honing your newly acquired adventure riding skills while exploring more of the incredible landscapes Oregon offers. Pre-planned GPS routes available. 

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Check Dates and Sign Up For Training

Book Training in Bend
Book Training in Vegas

Expedition Training FAQs

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes you can! You'll still get two days of coaching by our experienced guides, but on your own motorcycle.

Can I use a smaller dual sport or smaller motorcycle?

Yes. The techniques and skills we practice in our off-road training can be applied to any motorcycle. However, we do require that your motorcycle be street legal, and have the capacity to drive 100 miles between fuel stops. We will be riding on public roads to get to different locations. We also request that your motorcycle be equipped for off-road riding.

I have a Single Cylinder bike (DR 650, KLR 650, Honda CRF230, etc.), is this appropriate for your training?

Yes. While most of our rental bikes are twin cylinder adventure bikes, which bike you choose to ride for fundamentals and skills development should be more about 'which bike fits you,' than what matches our fleet.

If I rent a bike for training, can I extend the rental for a few days after the training is over?

Yes, we have several riders do this. It's a great way to save $150 on the price of renting a bike just for your own ride.

Just be sure to indicate which extra dates you'd like the bike rental to be for. Our training locations are surrounded by great dual sport routes, and you have the option to take advantage of those opportunities to work on your skillset and enjoy the surroundings.

Where will we meet for training?

This information will be provided upon confirmation of a reservation. We'll have emails that go into details where we'll meet and what you need to bring.

How good is transportation from the airports to the training location?

In Bend, Oregon the closest larger airport is located in Redmond, Oregon (RDM). It's about a 15 to 20 minute car ride to get into Bend. However, Uber, Lyft, and taxis aren't always available or reliable. It's a good idea to pre-book if you can and give yourself plenty of time. 

In Las Vegas, Nevada there are several more options. However, the training location changes from time to time and the distance varies. It's also a good idea to pre-book your ground transportation. 

Is any luggage included?

If you rent a bike from our fleet you'll get a Giant Loop Tank Bag. It can hold your lunch, water, and documents. Our bikes also have the Quad Lock Smartphone base mounting system. But we don't have specific Quad Lock Smartphone cases, this you should source on your own.

When can I get the general location so I can book my own hotel?

Most of our training locations have pre-set meeting spots. You'll receive this information in an email after you purchase the training. 

But sometimes we have to switch up locations. We try to pick spots that are located close to or at a chill business. For instance, Spoken Moto in Bend is a bike specific shop, that also has food carts and beer. So it's a great space for a meet and greet or hanging out after. 

So if we're looking for another spot we'll update you on a meeting location. You can always contact us go get this info if you might have missed another notification.