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These motorcycle trip and 4x4 adventure packages are only offered after months of our own personal research and planning, so you can rest assured that RIDE Adventures isn't just another "website full of links." We are the actual people who drive, guide, and RIDE these routes! Within each trip option, there are small variations that might make one trip more ideal for you than another. With a wide range of terrain types, regions offered, and vehicle choices, we have a Specialist for each region and will gladly consult with you on which trip will satisfy your craving for real adventure.

Remember, when choosing a type of tour, consider such factors as:

  • altitude
  • extreme temperatures
  • riding or driving in extreme winds
  • difficulty of terrain
  • average distance per day
If you have thoughts of motorcycle travel or 4x4 adventure, just reach out to us and let us know what would make your ultimate adventure getaway! The list of trip packages we're offering continues to grow as we plan better routes each year, and a large part of our service offering is to talk with you about making sure you're choosing the right trip. Once you're booked, we help with packing & planning for the actual adventure!


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