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South American Motorcycle Rentals & Information

To those riders who prefer to RIDE alone or in your own Private Group, we support you!

Guided Group motorcycle tours aren't for everybody, so the same motorcycles we use for our Guided tours can also be rented for your own Self-Guided motorcycle trips. Get a few riding buddies together for a RIDE in the Andes Mountains, or just come on your own, the option is totally yours. Please keep in mind though that motorcycle availability is limited, and the dates you'd like to RIDE can be sold out as much as 6-8+ months in advance.

While it's possible to simply rent motorcycles from us, trips can also pre-packaged and ready for the twist of your wrist with arrangements like our Self-Guided "Fly & RIDE The Best of Northern Patagonia" or "Fly & RIDE Wild & Rugged Colombia." Ready to head to Peru instead in the opposite months of the Patagonia season? Check out our Self-Guided "Fly & RIDE Peru & Machu" package for an an incredible riding experience in the Altiplano region of the Andes, and please keep in mind that any of these Self-Guided packages can be customized to you liking. The general rule of thumb when riding a motorcycle in the Andes Mountains is "The More Time, The Better!"

RIDE Adventures will have the motorcycle of your choice ready and available per your request, but only if you reserve for dates while we still have these adventure bikes available!

Please keep in mind, certain date/bike/origin/destination combinations can be sold out 6-8+ months in advance, as each area of the Andes Mountains has its own "peak season" where our bikes are in ultra-high demand. Especially with one-way rental arrangements, which are very typical for exploring Patagonia, the logistical efforts that we coordinate require specific scheduling. This also means that the longer a Rider waits to reserve, the less-likely we are able to accommodate a request. 

If you want to explore alone, but you're not sure which route you want to RIDE in the Andes of South America, try looking at our Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour packages, and rest assured that we've already mapped out the best highlight reels for you. With the motorcycle, all paperwork and insurance, and the region's top hotels all waiting and reserved for you, Riders get to focus on the fun and exploration instead of wondering and researching what the best adventure ride possible would be!

Where Do You Want to Ride In South America?