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Motorcycle Adventures in North America: RIDE the U.S., Mexico, and Canada

Ready to twist a throttle in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico? One by one, we'll be adding the best routes and packages to this page, all based around our home motorcycle rental fleet in Bend, Oregon. This latest fleet start-up for us began in 2019, so if you only see a few North American trips listed below for a while, please check back as we'll be adding more. Itineraries and packages are only posted after scouting missions, so it will take us a while list more, but as a Self-Guided Rider, you can create your own perfect trip or ask us for suggestions any time.

From our beautiful hometown of Bend at the base of the Cascade Mountains, we are nestled amongst a world of incredible pavement and dual sport riding options. From the Rocky Mountains to the east and the Pacific Coast highway to the west, all the original Backcountry Discovery Routes surround us, and seasonal opportunities of riding from Alaska to Baja California and Mexico all await your best riding skills. "Saddle-up, Partner," as the wild west of the U.S. is calling and the fun all starts here. Got family or friends that want to vacation with you, but don't ride motorcycles? Check that link above, and you'll see that Bend has something to keep everyone entertained while you're out riding. 

Reminder of Our Service

Please keep in mind that all options for North American motorcycle trips may not be shown on our site. With our motorcycle rentals based in Oregon, routes can be customized to your liking and total trip duration. As with any travel plans provided by RIDE Adventures, it's best to start a conversation with one of our staff or guides about what type of trip you're looking for. Our interest is the same as yours: making sure you have the best time possible on your riding vacation!