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Who We Are:
Meet Our Team

Eric Lange - Founder

Originally from Wisconsin in the United States, Eric set out on a long awaited adventure in the spring of 2008 and rode across the U.S., down through Mexico and Central America, eventually ending up in South America. Having covered 65,000 miles during this first 2+ year journey and having worked in motorcycle tourism along the way, Eric’s passion for adventure was only fueled by what he saw: The incredible scenery and culture in places like Bolivia, unforgettable rides through the Andes mountains, and of course, the stunning and almost “heart-breaking” natural beauty of Patagonia. All the exploration, discovery, and reactions from touring customers left him with the recurring thought that, "more people need to experience this." That sentiment has propelled RIDE Adventures to become the reputable travel service provider that it is today.

Still acting as a motorcycle guide for Patagonia tour groups and always researching more journeys that travelers should enjoy, the history of Eric’s initial travels through North and South America in 2008-2010 can be reviewed on his personal blog at http://travelswitheric.blogspot.com.

Ulrich "Ulli" Witt - Patagonia Guide & Rental Operations

Ulrich, affectionately known as "Ulli" has been hosting guests and guiding tours of different types in English, Spanish, and German for much of his career.  Originally from Germany, but having "roughed it" while living in the Caribbean for a while, his past not only includes motorcycle touring but a business in windsurf touring as well. Now living in Northern Patagonia in the Chilean town of Pucon, you can join Ulli for a beer before or after your trip at his Biergarten restaurant, a popular hangout for motorcycle riders passing through the area. In fact, you can even join Ulli for a beer during your trip in Patagonia if you're lucky enough to have him as one of your guides!  He knows the Andes Mountains from Bolivia to Ushuaia, and you'll have a great time with him on your trip.

Andres Bunout - Patagonia Guiding and Operations

Andres Bunout is one of those characters perhaps best described by one of our customers as, the "Golden Retriever" of the group. Always upbeat, friendly, helpful, and a pleasure to be around, this native Chilean knows the Patagonia region (and much of the Andes Mountains) and brings lots of expertise to our tours. A proven and successful entrepreneur himself, Andres is clearly the type of person that can best the many obstacles and challenges we encounter on our guided motorcycle tours, and with class and dignity no matter what the situation. When your motorcycle trip is over, just wait until you see the photos and videos this former television programming producer comes up with!

Lars Caldenhoven - Peru Operations, Sales, and Guiding

Lars Caldenhoven is our local operator in Arequipa, Peru, but comes from Holland with a lifetime of adventure, travel experience, mountain guiding and other activities around Europe. Following his interest in Native and Latin American culture, Lars spent over a year traveling and learning about these regions before settling down in Peru in 2001. He continues to call Peru his home with his family since then, and guides many of the motorcycle trips and 4x4 tours we offer in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Speaking 4 languages almost fluently and ready to answer your travel inquiries anytime, you can contact Lars on this link.

Christine "THE MACHINE" Ledezma - Marketing & More

Whether it's because of her Rossi-like riding skills or intrepid ways when it comes to office-related tasks, "The Machine" has earned her nickname for multiple reasons. 

As the acting newsletter editor for the Wisconsin BMW Riders, Christine is well-known in the motorcycle crowd and can regularly be found at BMW MOA rallies, local "bike nights," and other motorcycle functions throughout the year. Keeping a busy schedule seems natural to her as she balances full time work, her candle business, and multiple volunteer duties each week.   

Owning 2 BMW's herself, Christine has participated in multiple on & off-road riding academies and endeavors to ride better all the time. Recently heard saying "I saw those girls riding motocross.....that looked like fun," we can only imagine what's next for "The Machine!"

Chad Berger - U.S.A. Moto Tour Guiding

A few years back, Chad had the vision to create a dual sport motorcycle adventure route in his home state, and the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail was what we got.

This long-time motorcycle riding enthusiast set out on multiple research missions over a year's time, dealt with every type of weather Wisconsin can throw at us, and eventually announced that this trail that reaches from the Illinois border to Lake Superior was complete.  Mixing pavement riding with off-pavement terrain throughout the route and actually dipping into Iowa along the way, anyone trying to figure this route out alone would have to make the same investment Chad did to complete it. 

Chad's handywork as a semi-pro photographer has helped announce "The Trail" to the riding world, and if your're lucky, his photography skills will be part of your adventure when you join our guided tour of the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail.

Garrett Galvan - The All Rounder

Before Garrett joined us he was traveling the world for 3 years riding in various countries. His love for being on two wheels while traveling came from the accomplishment of traversing New Zealand to it's most northern point. He says all he remembers before the trip is looking at a map and saying "that's the place". 

Garrett is a bit of an all-rounder but his main background is in videography and photography. He's done work for Skyscanner, Travel + Leisure Magazine, Czech Republic Tourism, Spain Tourism, and many more. He will be producing a lot of videos for RIDE from our tours all over the world, perhaps on your tour! 

He currently resides in Bend with his beloved 3 girlfriends Nina, Sheila (KLR650) and Charlie (Camera). 



Bernhard Wolfgang - Andean Guide

Originally from Austria but now residing in Chile, Bernhard Wolfgang lives, rides, and guides amongst some of the best scenery in the world on the northern edges of Patagonia.

Having covered routes from Bolivia to Ushuaia and everything in between, Bernhard has ridden the obvious choices like the KTM 990 Adventure and KLR 650, as well as the not-so-obvious ones like a Vespa he once rode from the south of Chile to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. While that accomplishment alone might not seem record setting, what sets this adventurer aside is that his Vespa was carrying Bernhard's 6’6” and 280-pound frame! Playing on BMW’s terms a bit: He’s a true “GS Giant.”

Bernhard’s style of living life and enjoying it to the fullest carries through into the way he travels. Ready to lead you on your upcoming motorcycle tour through Patagonia or any of the other fantastic areas RIDE Adventures offers, his charisma and enthusiasm for motorcycle travel will become a major part of your dream vacation.

Sarah White - Patagonia Operations

Sarah first visited Chile in 1997 as a languages student on her year out from Liverpool University. Her fascination with South America led her to tour guiding work that allowed her to travel Latin America from Mexico to the mysterious land of Tierra del Fuego. As such, Sarah is extremely well versed in topics from culture and tradition to plant life and wildlife from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest.

While getting to know the travel and tourism business in Chile so well, Sarah opened the Tree House Hostel in the vacation town of Pucón in the south of Chile. Along with managing that busy operation, Sarah is working on her MSc in Responsible Tourism Management and is on the Sustainable Tourism Committee for helping Pucón remain a great place to visit.

Having spent so much time in a land so perfect for motorcycle travel, Sarah has become quite the daredevil with her Honda and regularly travels the routes of motorcycle tours. Helping us with projects from hotel reservations to riding along and teaching us about South America, you can count on Sarah being part of tours with RIDE Adventures!