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Who We Are:
Meet Our Team

Eric Lange - Founder

Originally from Wisconsin in the United States, Eric set out on a long awaited adventure in the spring of 2008 and rode across the U.S., down through Mexico and Central America, eventually ending up in South America. Having covered 65,000 miles during this first 2+ year journey and having worked in motorcycle tourism along the way, Eric’s passion for adventure was only fueled by what he saw: The incredible scenery and culture in places like Bolivia, unforgettable rides through the Andes mountains, and of course, the stunning and almost “heart-breaking” natural beauty of Patagonia. All the exploration, discovery, and reactions from touring customers left him with the recurring thought that, "more people need to experience this." That sentiment has propelled RIDE Adventures to become the reputable travel service provider that it is today.

Eric and the Team are busy building the RIDE Adventures YouTube Channel, and always researching more and better journeys that our Customers will enjoy. The history of Eric’s initial travels through North and South America in 2008-2010 can be reviewed on his personal blog at http://travelswitheric.blogspot.com.

Tyler Miller - Lead Instructor, Guide & Business Development

When we first met Tyler down in Baja, it was like meeting a Spanish speaking combination of Mad Max and Laird Hamilton riding a dirt bike in an underground parking garage in Mexico. Only difference was ... he’s not that good at surfing and wasn’t brandishing a sawn-off shotgun.

Whether it’s surfing in Baja, jumping over trains on a mountain bike in British Columbia, heli-boarding in the Tetons, canyoneering in the Swiss Alps, or twisting throttle at any chance, this bandito is always looking for trouble. Tyler's experience, demeanor and skillset is a match for helping our customers in any situation. 

Believe it or not, before joining us, Tyler had a career with a commercial real estate investment firm analyzing financial models and directing asset acquisitions, in a corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah! You won’t catch him alive locked-up in an office again, as we think he may have developed an allergy to fluorescent light and walls.  

Originally from the California central valley, Tyler now spends most of his time in Mexico but can be found seasonally stateside. You might find him giving riding lessons, organizing your trip, guiding your tour, wrenching on your bike, or tormenting Eric during filming sessions on our YouTube Channel.

Garrett Galván - Content Production & Management

Hailing from Oregon, the headquarter state of RIDE Adventures, Garrett joined us after traveling the world for 3 years riding in various countries. His love for being on two wheels while traveling all started from the accomplishment of traversing New Zealand to it's most northern point on a CBR250RR MC22 Fireblade. Yeah we know, not the primary choice for long hours on the saddle but hey, who doesn't love the sound of 19,000 RPM's.

Like any true adventurer, he has continued pushing the boundaries of global exploration with his next trip coming up exploring Northern Vietnam. To keep up with his travels you'll find him writing in his travel journal at Motomoves.com.

Garrett is a bit of an all-rounder but his main background is in videography, photography and web-based content production & strategy. He's worked with Skyscanner, Travel + Leisure Magazine, Capital One, Czech tourism, Turismo Espania, Wonderful Indonesia, Experience Romania, 100% Pure New Zealand, TravelFreak, and many more. He will be producing blogs and running the Youtube production for RIDE in hopes to educate and elevate the ADV community.

You can find his work on the RIDE Adventures Blog and Youtube Channel.

His absolute favorite RIDE expedition is "Baja on Down". 

Keith Riehl - Guiding, Training, Operations, & Mayhem

A guy who could be described as 'part Howard Hughes, and part MacGyver,' we're so glad to have a rider like Keith Riehl on our Team.

If you're lucky enough to have him along as part of an upcoming motorcycle trip, whether it be for mechanical needs, route-related questions, comic relief, or even if you just need some tires burned or fuel wasted, riders will be glad this multi-faceted ace is along for the ride. An Oregon native, Keith can be found ripping trails locally and exploring internationally by every mode of transportation; elephants, UTV's, and tuk tuk's included. He jumps at invites to adventures on a whim and even keeps bikes on a few different continents. When you're with Keith, there's never a dull moment.

Keith is such fun to hang out with, resourceful with our touring, renting, and training operations, and just a great guy all around.

Brandon Sargert - Video/Content & Digital Media Director

Brandon is a West Coast native whose blood is fueled by entrepreneurship, problem solving, technology and the desire for adventure—all of which makes him an integral part of the RIDE Adventure Team. Being outgoing and enthusiastic, Brandon loves people and has an innate passion to help others discover their next thrill. When he is not on his KTM Superduke 1290 GT riding around the Pacific Northwest, he can be found off-roading or hanging out with life long friends and his cats.

Brandon worked in the aviation field as an IT tech, product development/design/manufacturing, customer service, and sales rep for 10 years, while simultaneously running his own audio/video/computer business.  Though he picked up his first motorcycle only 6 years ago, he has become a true enthusiast; riding all types and styles of amazing two and four wheeled machines throughout the years, in the US and Mexico. 

Known as ‘Mr. Safety,’ you will hear Brandon continuously reminding riders to “wear your gear”.  Here is a link to a TikTok video on what not to do. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM89QW6YV/

Bradly Horsley - Guiding & Operations

Brad is originally from the Imperial Valley in southern California, and at 19 years old he vowed that the only type of work he would seek out would be work that allowed him to experience the outdoors and get paid to do something that he enjoys.
By 20 he had found his way to Alaska and became a white water raft guide working summers in order to support his snowboarding ambitions in the winter. Since that first summer in Alaska he has been a guide at numerous different companies guiding everything from Class 1-5 rivers as well as being able to snowboard all over North America.
Seeking warmer weather he moved to Baja, Mexico in 2014 where he currently resides. In his personal life Brad is a dirt bike rider and enjoys doing light adventure trips through the southwest deserts of the United States. Brad has been riding and guiding motorcycle tours since 2015. During his time guiding on a bike he has ridden over 150,000 miles on guided tours through the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Diego Villalpando - Booking Operations & Baja Extraordinaire

Originally from Mexicali, BC., Diego has been living in the U.S. for almost 20 years. While living in Baja California though, he spent time with his Dad exploring the peninsula with activities like fishing off the coast of the Rio Colorado Delta, and exploring canyons in the middle of the desert. In Iowa, Diego's adventure spirit may have dwindled a bit, although a few backpacking trips overseas brought that back. Early thoughts of getting into overlanding via a Land Cruiser or Land Rover Defender changed dramatically after watching the "Long way Round" which sparked his passion for the possibilities of traveling by motorcycle. After researching and eventually buying his first bike, a 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure, Diego has found his calling in Adventure Motorcycle Travel. Spending the next 2 years going to events all over the U.S., Diego was eventually named the "Rookie of the Year" award by the GS Giants.
After running away from Iowa's extreme 2017 winter, Diego spent a few months living a long-awaited dream by once again traveling and exploring Baja California on his BMW. Now having joined the RIDE Adventures Team, Diego is ready to assist anyone with their travel needs, and who knows, may be the Best Baja Guide yet!

Lars Caldenhoven - Peru Operations, Sales, and Guiding

Lars Caldenhoven is our local operator in Arequipa, Peru, but comes from Holland with a lifetime of adventure, travel experience, mountain guiding and other activities around Europe. Following his interest in Native and Latin American culture, Lars spent over a year traveling and learning about these regions before settling down in Peru in 2001. He continues to call Peru his home with his family since then, and guides many of the motorcycle trips and 4x4 tours we offer in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Speaking 4 languages almost fluently and ready to answer your travel inquiries anytime, you can contact Lars on this link.

Jeff Taylor - eCommerce, SCO, SEO, Webstore, Managment

Jeff has a background in digital marketing, product management, and fueling start up ideas. He is also a Type A adventure traveler who just loves to get to new places and do new things. He frequently does caveing expeditions, canyoneering trips, overland trips (truck and moto), climbs mountains, backpacking, mountainbikeing, with an occasional stroll down the beach in a fast boat.

So it made perfect sense to have him jump on with the RIDE Adventure team and start helping build one of the best resources for adventure riders you can find.

Quinn Ludeman - Web Development & Customer Service 

And then there's this guy. Quinn is a Central Oregon native who picked up his first bike at age of seventeen. He instantly fell in love with being on two wheels and spent every waking second he could on his bikes. Since then, Quinn has owned thirteen bikes and has ridden countless number of miles. From street to dirt, to mini bikes to liter bikes. It doesn’t matter, if he can get his hands on a bike he’ll ride it into oblivion.

How does someone that young ride so much? Well being stationed in one of the hottest places in the US is how. After high school, Quinn went straight into the Air Force where he then found himself working as an avionics technician at Luke AFB in Arizona. For four years he spent everyday fixing flyers then flying down the road. During this time he also became a MSF certified motorcycle training instructor where he taught to all military members on base. Quinn has since then separated from active duty, moved back to Central Oregon, where he now currently resides, and joined the Air National Guard.

Kristen Kaul - Customer Relations & Internal Management

Kristen Kaul (Krissy or Kris)

Originally from Minnesota, Kristen made her way west on a mission to find adventure and escape the negative degree weather. Central Oregon has been her home for the last 5 years. 

Her passions lie in building positive relationships with clients, supporting teams through project management, and laughing through life as much as possible.

You can find her mountain biking with her dog Zion, at the coast attempting to surf, or being a homebody making sourdough bread and playing the piano. She is excited to add adventure riding to the list!

Kyle J. Quinn - Guide, Instructor, Wildcard

The exact details of Kyle’s history and resume are unknown. Committed to exploring the American West by motorcycle in recent years, Kyle brings his knowledge of the area, passion for adventure, and willingness to share it with others who ride.

Coming from the Gulf Coast of Florida and possessing an engineering degree, it remains a mystery to us how Kyle got into the adventuring business.

What is known is Kyle’s passion for motorcycles, which, by his own account, began when he purchased a Yamaha YZF-R1 at age 19 and taught himself to ride.

After several years of traveling (pedaling a bicycle across China was just one of his exploits), Kyle returned to the USA, settling into the Four Corners area in pursuit of new adventures in mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and adventure motorcycling.

When RIDE Adventures met Kyle he was living off of his Africa Twin on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Recognizing his unique quality, we welcomed him aboard.


Todd Smith - Guide, Instructor, & Great Guy Who Has Done It All

A true son of the PNW Todd grew up either surfing the cold waters off the Oregon coast or bombing around the endless logging roads on a dirt bike. At 15 he joined a Wild land firefighting crew extinguishing over burns for a local timber company. He kept the good times rolling  working as a deck hand on a commercial fishing boat. Ready to stretch his legs and see the world. He joined the U.S. Air Force. While serving he was primarily stationed in Utah and South Korea with deployments to fun places like Las Vegas NV, Alamogordo NM, Guam, and the Philippines. After separating from the Air force he found himself back home in Oregon. So how does he end up Developing and teaching Ride Adventures Training Tours.?

Seems his true passion is working to broaden his own skill sets and then sharing what he has learned with others. Be it’s learning how to divine water in the desert from a weathered old rancher , Becoming an instructor for TEAM OREGON MSF, Off road driving courses with Overland Guru Bill Burke, or even taking an INTRO ADV motorbike course with Ride Adventures. Which turned out to be his way of submitting a very in person version of a resume to us. Well it worked as he is now one of our lead ADV Motorcycle training instructors and course developers.

While he is always working to broaden his own skills, he is also consistently reworking our classes and routes to ensure we are providing proven fundamentals as well as the most updated techniques and confidence inspiring experiences for our students.