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Adventure Awaits!

These motorcycle tour packages are only offered after months of our own personal research and planning, so you can rest assured that RIDE Adventures isn't just another "website full of links."

We are the actual people who drive, guide, and RIDE these routes!

Within each trip option listed on the site, there are small variations that might make one adventure more ideal for you than another.

With a wide range of terrain types, regions offered, and vehicle choices, we have a Specialist for each region and will gladly consult with you on which trip will satisfy your craving for real adventure.

Each section below offers a quick video and description about what you can expect on our various types of motorcycle tours.

Feel free to watch them all to discover what sort of adventure would be best for you and your riding friends, then browse around the site to see where you'd like to go!


Motorcycle Tours - General Information

dual sport motorcycle adventures

If you’re looking for more information about a “motorcycle tour,” then you’ve come to the right place. RIDE Adventures specializes in exactly that; adventurous, international motorcycle trips where we offer a variety of services that make your dream RIDE a reality. If you’re looking to explore parts of the world that may be difficult to reach on your own, we’re here to make it possible.

From self-guided tours, to guided groups, to private tours, one of the major benefits to booking with RIDE Adventures is that there is no need to ship your bike! You don’t need to deal with customs or freight agents because we provide you with new, maintained, high-quality rental bikes as part of your package. Risks are reduced and it’s as easy as you fly, you RIDE.

Additionally, the RIDE Adventures staff are experts in each international tour area offered on the site. You can rest assured that we’re not a warehouse full of links to unfamiliar trips. We’ve been to, or currently live in, these destinations. We’ve ridden them countless times and are here to make your adventure as exciting, and safe, as possible.

The videos on this page will provide you with a short intro on each of our major options, Self-Guided, Guided Group, Private Group, and Pavement Only, so be sure to watch them, familiarize yourself with our offerings, and decide which style of motorcycle tour would be best for your upcoming RIDE!


self-guided motorcycle tours

The self-guided motorcycle tours offered by RIDE Adventures are, in essence, an enhanced rental option designed for those of you who would rather experience your quest solo. We’ll provide you with a terrain-appropriate rental motorcycle on our “Fly & RIDE” packages, so there’s no need to ship your bike, saving you the time and effort of dealing with customs and shipping costs.

Your international paperwork, i.e. border crossing authorizations, etc., are already taken care of for you, along with an entire hotel package that is laid out and pre-reserved throughout the duration of your adventure.

In addition to the pre-defined itinerary that you can use at your own pace throughout the day, you’ll also be provided with a road book or a GPS unit to assist in navigation. The information we provide also offers suggestions on what sights to visit, where to get food, where to get fuel, and things of that nature to make your motorcycle adventure as smooth and carefree as possible.

As with all the tours and rentals on our site, these tour routes have been ridden and explored by our staff so you can rest assured that you are being provided with reliable, dependable information. The trips you can choose from are located in extremely popular riding destinations around the world, so in order to experience the dream tour that you want, be sure to book well in advance of your projected travel dates!

Browse our Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours here.



guided group motorbike tours

We understand that our “Self-Guided” options are fairly self-explanatory, but what exactly is a “Guided Group” tour?

Great! Glad you asked.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of traveling in a foreign country by yourself, then that’s what we’re here for.  Our Guided Group offerings primarily cover the same routes and tours as our self-guided options, but rather than handing you a map, a GPS unit, and a motorbike, then sending you on your way, we’re here to make your trip the best it can be by providing one or two expert guides to join you on your adventure.

Bilingual and multilingual guides join your RIDE to help with international paperwork, border crossings, luggage transport, and sightseeing opportunities. Motorcycle maintenance? Check. Help with changing a flat tire? Check. Dealing with border patrol agents? Check.

Our guided group tours really are our most turn-key service, from picking you up at the airport, to securing your rental bike, to guiding your group, to finally taking you back to the airport (sadly) for your return flight home.

Keep in mind that these tours can potentially be made up of strangers, individuals from all around the world, and are designed for people who are comfortable traveling together in such situations. Above all, you’re riding with people who bond, and make new lifelong friends, over the shared passion of adventure riding. (Note: it’s not a requirement to RIDE with strangers, especially if you have enough people in your group or want to choose a Private tour option, explained below.)

Browse our Guided Group Motorcycle Tours here.


dual sport motorcycle adventures

This section of the page offers a more in-depth look at the nature of dual-sport adventure riding. If you’ve been getting dirty for years, riding off the beaten path, so to speak, then you know what it feels like to get out into the wild. But, if you’re just getting into dual-sport riding, here’s what we mean…

Going on a dual sport RIDE involves experiencing the thrill of leaving the hustle and bustle of daily life behind. Turn off the paved roads (even though we do offer pavement options) and get that bike into the dirt, mud, and sand pathways through mountains, jungles, and deserts, while they still last.

As time goes on, particularly up and down the routes of South America, more paved roads are encroaching on the dirt ones, and the adventure riding opportunities in their natural state will eventually slip away.

It’s a good thing we know where the best routes to RIDE are located!

Another important thing to note is that the motorbikes we provide with your rental or tour options are appropriate for the terrain. They are not small cc dirt bikes, but rather, 500 to 650cc and higher dual sport motorcycles that can handle the journey, and therefore, we recommend that riders are able to handle these bikes.

As always, be sure to book your adventure RIDE early due to the limited nature of the motorcycles and the seasonal riding opportunities.

Browse our selection of Dual Sport motorcycle tour packages.


pavement only motorbike trips

While RIDE Adventures has a reputation for specializing in off-road riding tours, we do have some pavement-focused opportunities for those of you who might not be comfortable riding on surfaces like sand and gravel.

As much as it pains us to say it, pavement riding is a natural progression to the state of motorcycle adventures as more roads get paved around the world. You can still experience some thrilling adventure if your riding comfort level is more suited to hard surfaces! We can make that happen too.

While you’re exploring the pavement-focused options here on the site, one thing we’d like you to note is the percentage of paved to off-road riding in each trip’s details. Some may be 90%, some may be 100%, but keep in mind the possibility that you may come across a hard-packed dirt road or be faced with riding through a construction zone. (Just be aware of the possibilities!)

Note that our pavement-only opportunities to RIDE are just like any of the other tours we offer in that they can be Self-Guided or Guided Group. Self-Guided trips can start and end based on your schedule and bike availability, while Guided Groups tend to have specific dates and schedules to follow.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Bike availability is limited, which means you should reserve your trip dates well in advance!

View our Pavement Only motorbike tour options.



As with all of the options we offer here on the site, we feel it’s important to remind you that there is no need to ship your bike. We’ll provide you with the rental motorcycle when you get to your desired location, you just show up and begin making memories that last a lifetime!

Our private group options can essentially be designed to fit your needs. Whether that involves creating your own private self-guided group with you and a gang of your riding friends, or putting together a guided group option with either one or two local experts along for the adventure, it’s really up to you! We can provide support trucks to carry luggage and tools if you like; it depends on what your individual group needs and wants are.

One important thing to note is that our group options, particularly guided groups, have shared costs, i.e. for the experienced guide and support truck, etc., and more riders mean reduced fees. So, if you want to lower your total costs, bring more riding friends!

Private group tours can be organized to your liking, outside of the realm of our pre-packaged options, and can be ridden on dirt, pavement, or both. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do all we can to accommodate it.

Again, we’d like to remind you that these are highly desirable, international riding locations, with a limited number of motorcycles available, especially during peak riding seasons. We can’t say it enough—book your dates well in advance!

Learn more about our Private Group Tours.



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motorcycle tours infographic

Remember, when choosing a type of tour, consider such factors as:

  • altitude
  • extreme temperatures
  • riding or driving in extreme winds
  • difficulty of terrain
  • average distance per day
If you have thoughts of motorcycle travel or 4x4 adventure, just reach out to us and let us know what would make your ultimate adventure getaway! The list of trip packages we're offering continues to grow as we plan better routes each year, and a large part of our service offering is to talk with you about making sure you're choosing the right trip. Once you're booked, we help with packing & planning for the actual adventure!