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Ready for something extraordinary?
RIDE Adventures is here with mind-blowing motorcycle trips and 4x4 journeys that are ready for you.
No more researching, planning, or wondering – just choose, book, and get set for an unforgettable ride. Whether you're up for solo exploration, group fun, or a private getaway, we've got the perfect ride for you. Don't let these amazing adventures sit on your wish list – they're right here, waiting for you!

Fuel your wanderlust with global escapades that take you across continents. From the stunning sights of Patagonia (our top favorite!) to a bunch of other cool trips around the world, we've got it all. You pick how you want to ride – solo, with a group, or your own custom way.

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At RIDE Adventures, we're not just guides; we're your adventure pals. Get ready to fuel your passion, fire up your curiosity, and let's kickstart this journey. Your ultimate motorcycle adventure is revving up and it's just a ride away!

Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours

If you're excited about motorcycle adventures in any of the regions on our website, the lowest cost way of having such a motorcycle trip is to do it self-guided! 

One of the World's Most Expensive Hobbies (motorcycle riding) demands that we're careful with spending when possible, so by going "on your own" with one of our rental motorcycles, you'll be able to avoid the costs of having our guides and support staff with you.

In some regions, we offer pre-paid hotel packages with route notes or GPS to make the trip just a bit easier to carry out, but if you'd just like to rent a motorcycle and "go it alone," a self-guided tour might be just for you!

See All the Great Self-Guided Riding Trips We Offer Here!

Guided Group Motorcycle Tours

Our Guided Group trips offer the ultimate in convenience for motorcycle travelers seeking a "turn key" solution for an amazing riding experience. Our bi-lingual guides make sure the tour route is enjoyed to the fullest extent, while a support truck driver carries all the luggage, necessary tools, parts, etc. to make the trip a safely realized success. Plus, as an added bonus to all of these amazing features, riders on guided trips typically end up making new riding friends from around the world over the course of these expeditions! Each of our trip pages will list if there is a guided tour available or contact us to learn more about your options.

Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventures

Whether you've been inspired by the motorcycle trip stories of Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman riding BMW bikes around the world, or your own adventurous spirit brought you RIDE Adventures, rest assured: You're not alone in the quest for the next great dual sport trip! 

Especially if you're the type of rider who constantly has the urge to break away and ride somewhere outside of a regular riding routine; the greatest off-pavement routes still remaining can be enjoyed through our rental motorcycles and/or Guided Group Tours. Not sure where the "best" place is for your next Dual Sport ride? Part of the service we provide is to offer unbiased advice, based on your wishes for an incredible trip!

See the Many Great Dual Sport Motorcycle Options We Offer!

Pavement Trips

If your plans to "Ride the World" mean you'd prefer staying on the pavement than riding the dirt, then we have a great and growing list of options to help you complete your mission. Some of these tours may still include 1-5% non-paved surfaces such as driveways, hard-packed gravel roads, but they're still the types of trips that nearly every motorcycle rider can handle (be sure to check the trip description or inquire with us.) Some of the finest roads full of twisties and long, sweeping curves can be ridden thanks to the motorcycle rentals and guiding services we offer, so if you want to RIDE the best paved routes around the world, you've found the right service provider!

Check out our list of trips that focus on the greatest paved route options in each region.

Private Group

We welcome your Private Group to any of the locations shown on www.rideadv.com! Whereas all the tours with exact dates shown are essentially "open to the public," our Private Group Tours are customizable and can take place on the exact dates your group wishes. We'll need a bit of info on the front end to establish exactly what type of terrain, scenery, accommodations, and motorcycles you'll want to be riding, and from that, RIDE Adventures will create the perfect motorcycle trip package.

So if your Private Group wants specific trip features, formats, or dates, then Contact Us about organizing your Private Group adventure!!

4x4 / Jeep Adventure Trips

Whether you're on a motorcycle or in a 4x4 truck or Jeep, there are plenty of RIDE Adventures to enjoy! The option to rent one of our 4x4's not only makes it possible to explore the incredible regions shown on our website, but if you've got friends wanting to explore by motorcycle, they'll surely appreciate having you drive along with a support truck. Carrying their luggage and acting as a safety-back up in remote regions can prove extremely valuable to motorcycle riders. No matter what, adventure travelers can be assured that we've designed the best routes possible for exploring each region, and customization is even possible in most cases.

All your 4x4 adventure travel plans start by Contacting Us to check on availability, so don't wait to secure your dates.

We're All Over the World

Each location you see on the RIDE Adventures website has been well-researched and ridden by our Staff members long before we began offering these as trip packages. Although it can be difficult to decide between an adventure ride through Peru, Patagonia, Baja, Europe, or Asia for your next great trip, our combined expertise in these areas will help you choose the right option to "scratch that international adventure itch." If you're on a mission to RIDE the world piece by piece over time, we already have the rental motorcycles, 4x4 trucks, and other vehicles in these locations to make it possible.

As we continue to explore more of the world, keep checking back with us as new opportunities become available through RIDE Adventures!

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