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Dual Sport Motorcycle Trips

Whether you've been inspired by the motorcycle trip stories of Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman riding BMW motorcycles around the world, or your own adventurous spirit brought you to RIDE Adventures, rest assured: You're not alone in the quest for the next great motorcycle adventure RIDE!

The options listed below involve at least some percentage of off-pavement riding for those who have a passion for riding the dirt, just like we do. Also be sure to notice the "Guided Group," "Self-Guided," or "Self-Guided, Truck Supported" descriptions of each, as this is obviously an important consideration with regards to choosing your preferred travel style. Purely Self-Guided trips can be done on any date that we have bikes available (limited availability, so plan ahead!) Other trip formats involve our Lead Motorcycle Guides or Support Truck Drivers to be involved, and therefore have specific set dates for groups to join up.

Not sure which moto adventure tour format is right for you? That's exactly why we exist: RIDE Adventures is a full-service travel provider, and upon inquiring, you'll most likely be talking directly to one of our experienced Guides for each area. Start a conversation with us, be prepared to answer some questions, and rest-assured, one of our top priorities (in addition to your safety) is ensuring that you have the most incredible motorcycle tour possible. 

We offer a variety of motorcycle adventures.

If you're the type of rider who constantly has the urge breakaway and ride somewhere outside of a regular riding routine, you've come to the right place. The Dual-Sport Motorcycle Tours we offer are specifically meant to take riders away from the pavement, cars, and typical scenery some motorcycle riders see.

Please keep in mind, nobody just "clicks and buys" adventures like this. It takes quite a bit of consideration and consulting before choosing the right tour for each individual. While all the expeditions we show are fantastic adventures, sometimes the smallest differences between them can be a factor on which motorcycle tour is right for you.

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