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International Motorcycle Trips Made Easy

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Looking for your next great motorcycle tour or adventure riding experience, but can’t figure what to do? RIDE Adventures has the best motorcycle trip routes already designed, and we're here to help you choose, reserve, and plan for your next great adventure ride. Whether you’re looking for an existing guided motorcycle tour group to join, the chance to rent a motorcycle and ride solo, or to rally your own private tour group together, we are your starting point for adventure tours that will make you the envy of riders everywhere!

Self Guided

If you're excited about motorcycle riding in any of the regions on our website, the lowest cost way of having such a motorcycle trip is to do it self-guided! One of the World's Most Expensive Hobbies (motorcycle riding) demands that we're careful with spending when possible. 

Create a Low Cost Self-Guided Motorcycle Trip in 5 Steps.

Dual Sport

Whether you've been inspired by the motorcycle trip stories of Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman riding BMW motorcycles around the world, or your own adventurous spirit brought you RIDE Adventures, rest assured: You're not alone in the quest for the next great motorcycle adventure tour! Especially if you're the type of rider who constantly has the urge breakaway and ride somewhere outside of a regular riding routine, you've come to the right place.

See the Many Great Guided Motorcycle Trips We Offer!


If your plans to "Ride the World" mean you'd prefer staying on the pavement, then we have a great and growing list of options to help you complete your mission. Some of these tours may still include 1-5% non-paved surfaces such as driveways, hard-packed gravel roads, but they're still the types of trips that nearly every motorcycle rider can handle.

Check out our list of trips that focus on the greatest paved route options in each region.

Harley Davidson

Despite having a logo as worldy recognized as those by Pepsi or Coca-Cola, few Harley-Davidson owners or riders have actually enjoyed Harley touring experiences outside of their home countries. We are here to make that change...

Starting with our first offering, the Caribbean Harley touring experience in the Dominican Republic, more opportunities througout the world will continue to be added as we further develop our offering.

We're All Over the World

In addition to running private group motorcycle tours, RIDE Adventures works as the North American office for a select group of partner companies to make sure you're only dealing with the best operations worldwide. It can be difficult to decide between an adventure ride through Peru, Patagonia, Bolivia, or South Africa for your motorcycle trip, so let our combined expertise in these areas help you choose the right package. If you're on mission to RIDE the world in sections over time, just let us know how we can help.

As we continue to explore more adventure riding opportunities, keep checking back with us as new motorcycle touring and renting options become available through RIDE Adventures!

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