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6 Compelling Reasons to Ride Motorcycles In Namibia with us

Posted by Sarah Williams on May 19, 2016

Namibia is like a painting – one of the most striking destinations on the planet – astonishing colors abound, completed by a transcendent quality of light, clear blue skies and vast wild spaces. This is a country where you can ride motorcycles for days without seeing another person. In a remote wilderness far from the modern world, things we’d usually take for granted take on a different meaning. Enjoyable, freshly cooked meals eaten under the stars. A roadside stop in the deep shade of an Acacia tree, a beer with friends round a campfire after a day in the desert. 

Etosha National Park 

Stand at the edge of this 22000 km sq ancient lake and see the curvature of the earth, plus an amazing variety of wildlife, Lion, Hyena, Elephant and much more..


Test Ride Honda's New Africa Twin On Your Adventure Ride in Patagonia

Posted by Eric Lange on May 11, 2016

Great news, adventure riders: Honda's new Africa Twin CRF1000L is coming to Chile! With a scheduled arrival of September, Honda's reintroduction of this adventure riding classic will be available along with our other Patagonia motorcycle rental options just in time for you to head down the Carretera Austral this coming 2016/17 season.

Considering just how "absent" Honda Motorcycles has been from the fast-growing world of adventure riding, early feedback from other riders suggests the new Africa Twin is well worth the wait. With the BMW GS bikes still making up the definite majority of the rentals we offer, Honda sure will have their work cut out for them trying to gain market share. Nonetheless, we're excited to further diversify the options that we offer in Chile, Argentina and of course other locations soon.


Owning & Riding the Latest BMW R1200GS Adventure (2014+ Liquid Cooled model)

Posted by Eric Lange on April 24, 2016

Instead of posting an immediate reaction to BMW’s R1200GS Adventure when the updated Liquid-Cooled version of it became available a couple of years ago, I wanted to wait and see how this latest version of the famous “GSA” performed in the rental business for a while. After all, it’s probably not just my personal opinion of how the bike rides & feels that you’re probably interested in. Those of us in the international motorcycle rental business are in a unique position to comment on the overall performance of these bikes and their durability, dependability, etc. over some time. So here we are, about 2 years after the updated, Liquid Cooled “Water Boxer” version of the GSA became available….


BMW Motorcycle Riders: Going to Any Events & Rallies in 2016?

Posted by Eric Lange on April 19, 2016

Riders, are you headed to any BMW motorcycle-focused events or rallies this year? Be sure to say "Hi" when you see us there! Below is a list we've compiled that shows much of what some of the various BMW Clubs from around the U.S. are planning for 2016.

Of course the largest gathering of BMW riders internationally will be a Motorrad Days in Garmisch, July 1-3. That evening, after all the tire-kicking is over, will mark the rally-point and gathering time for our "Alps Moto Explorer" motorycle trip package, as we embark on a 15-day itinerary to see the absolute highlights of Austria, Germany, Italy & Switzerland. Summertime, riding in the Alps, staying in great establishments and dining our way across Europe ... all put together for you already.


5 Points: Why This Motorcycle Trip Format Might be For You

Posted by Eric Lange on April 14, 2016

Are you more of a "Lone Wolf" type of motorcycle rider who prefers to not be part of a group ... yet you can also appreciate the safety and security of having other riders or a support truck nearby? If so, then check out our Self-Guided, Truck Supported, "Full Patagonia Adventure" motorcycle trip package!

This trip format is one we've had in mind for a while, and has actually been requested by many of you over the years. Only this last Patagonia season though did we finally have the right opportunity to "test it out" a bit and see how it'll work.

As is explained in the brief video below, this "Self-Guided, Truck Supported" format might be exactly the type of package you're looking for in a Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego motorcycle trip. The 5 points from the video are:


See you in Africa? New Motorcycle Trip offering by RIDE Adventures

Posted by Eric Lange on April 11, 2016

It sure did take us a while to make the announcement, but in case you didn't notice, we have another great dual sport motorcycle trip opportunity for you to check out. This time, it's in southern Africa!

Late in 2015, a group of friends & customers of RIDE Adventures set out on a mission to explore and conquer some popular routes in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. The result: our new "Southern Africa Experience" motorcycle tour package represents the absolute highlights to be enjoyed in this region.

Our research, as you can imagine, is crucial to our success with these motorcycle tours, and a large part of why RIDE Adventures continues to grow now in its 6th year of operations. We start as we did with this Africa project by reading what experienced riders are saying, listening to what our local partners recommend, and by seeing what some other companies are doing, before setting out to confirm what we want the tour of the region to look like. Customers of RIDE Adventures have come to trust that our recommended routes will focus on the best riding "moments," and have the highest percentage of peak-level scenery, riding, and overall experience possible.


2016 Dual Sport Motorcycle Rallies in the U.S.

Posted by Eric Lange on April 3, 2016

sprinter_van_desert_100_race.jpgIf you've either purchased, or are planning to buy the perfect dual sport motorcycle for some much needed adventures, how about a little list of events and ideas to help get you 2016's rally planning started? (Can you we're excited about the nice springtime weather?!!?)

Over the past 6 years, we've enjoyed meeting fellow riders at some of these events, although admittedly, there are quite a few on this list below that we haven't been to yet. Whatever it takes, RIDE Adventures will have staff out at as many of these rallies as possible, hoping to be there and meet you in person.

While we tend to get busy answering questions at rallies, the hope of course is that we'll get a chance to actually RIDE with you while we're there! Be sure to seek us out if you're interested in any of our tours, but are perhaps unsure about whether your riding skills are appropriate for any of our Guided Tours or Self-Guided Packages. We know all these routes and road conditions, but are you sure you're ready to handle something like our new Self-Guided, Truck Supported "Full Patagonia Adventure" package? Be sure to check with us at your next opportunity, and see you at the dual sport rallies this summer!


"Going to Patagonia"

Posted by Eric Lange on March 12, 2016

Sitting here on my last flight before arriving in northern Patagonia, I’m reminded once again what it might be like for any first-time motorcycle rider about to embark on their first journey through southern Chile & Argentina. Despite having been riding and living part time down here in South America each year since 2009, I can still can get that warm rush of excitement that comes with knowing the road ahead for the next few weeks. Or perhaps it’s the unknown outcomes and new discoveries that come with each guided tour that really gets me going.


The KTM 690 Enduro vs. Honda XR650R - "Honda Motorcycles, where are you?"

Posted by Eric Lange on January 17, 2016

My question is simple: "Why isn't Honda Motorcycles putting their race-winning, widely respected, all-around excellent XR650R back into production?"

First, kudos to Honda for bringing back the Africa Twin, the bike that we're all excited to start riding more and integrating into our list of motorcycle rental options after some testing. But really, why wouldn't they start production on the XR650R again, too? The XR has already been designed, built, proven, and adored by riders with tremendous success. The blueprints are already there, it's not like they'd have to entirely design or redesign a motorcycle, and a slightly-improved XR650R would take a HUGE chunk out of KTM's 690 Enduro dominance in this mid-cc's dual sport category (more on that below.) So I ask: "Honda Motorcycles.....where have you been, and isn't it about time to start building this possible KTM-Killer again?"


Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag and Fandango Tank bag review

Posted by Chad Berger on December 8, 2015

Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag and Fandango Tank bag review

As a tour guide and avid motorcycle traveler, I’m always looking for the perfect motorcycle luggage setup. My demands for a luggage system are that it has to be versatile and be able to work on a variety of motorcycles and payloads, and of course it has to be durable and weatherproof. Like most serious riders, I’m willing to invest into gear that won’t let me down in the field since that can turn a good ride into bad one, or possibly even a dangerous situation.


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