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What Type of Riding Skills Are Needed For Patagonia?

Posted by Eric Lange on October 29, 2016

This important question comes up routinely in our line of business, aswe help adventure riders from around the world choose their trip plans: "What type of riding skills are needed for riding a motorcycle in Patagonia?"


Motorcycle Parts Review: Lithium-Iron Battery Options for Your Bike

Posted by Eric Lange on March 18, 2015

Saving a little weight often seems like a lost cause on a 500+ pound "pig" like my BMW R1200GS Adventure, but then again, every little bit helps. Some significant weight was shaved with aftermarket exhaust last year and of course heading to the gym recently has helped as well, but these last 10 pounds lost from my adventure riding setup come thanks to Shorai Power!


Motorcycle Safety by Accident Scene Management & Road Guardians

Posted by Eric Lange on November 22, 2014

Have you ever taken a course or learned something that made you think, "wow...everyone should know about that"?


Thoughts on The Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet (for me)

Posted by Eric Lange on September 30, 2014

For this rider, Shoei's Hornet DS Dual Sport Helmet is the best, and is going to be tough to beat.


Motorcycle Safety: Strap Your Luggage Tightly, Or Else...

Posted by Eric Lange on June 23, 2014

Folks it's about time to mention once again a very, VERY important topic with regards to motorcycle safety: Make sure your luggage is strapped or locked to your motorcycle in a way that it can't accidentally fall out of place!


Motorcycle Parts Review: Cruise Control by Kaoko

Posted by Eric Lange on June 17, 2014

The timing of the installation of my new motorcycle cruise control made by Kaoko couldn't have been better!


Motorcycle Gear: Fluid Pro Knee Brace by Alpinestars

Posted by Eric Lange on May 18, 2014


How to Do Water Crossings on Motorcycle Trips: 7 Important Points

Posted by Eric Lange on October 24, 2013

Maybe you've done water crossings before, or your luck as an adventure rider has yet to produce the opportunity. Whatever the case, there are at least 7 important points to consider before you go riding through any river, stream, puddle, or whatever you come across! Please take advantage of the notes below, or the video review on this link.


Interview with Nic Sims from Alpinestars USA

Posted by Eric Lange on September 26, 2013

I managed to pin down Nic Sims, head of Media Relations at Alpinstars USA and ask some questions about the motorcycle industry and where he sees the future of motorcycle protective gear going:


Motorcycle Gear: The Neck Brace, and Why I Wear One

Posted by Eric Lange on September 11, 2013

During those off-bike moments when I'm in full motorcycle gear, be it walking through a grocery story or filling up my bike at a gas station, 2 questions are directed at me with remarkable consistency:


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