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RIDE Adventures Blog

Big news for 2019, new rental fleet in Bend, Oregon in the U.S.!

Posted by Eric Lange on January 1, 2019

What a start to 2019, this is the official announcement of our motorcycle rental fleet here in beautiful Bend, Oregon in the U.S.!

Honda Africa Twin Motorcycle RentalMy sincere thanks goes out to the Customers of RIDE Adventures, who over the past 8+ years have allowed the now Team of this small business to accomplish so much. Along with our partners in Chile, we've built a 26-motorcycle fleet for tours in the Andes, and we're now into the thousands of Customers who have relied on us for Guided Group and Self-Guided tour packages. Riders are appreciating our services in Europe, South America, southern Africa, and Asia was added in 2018, and to think ... this is all based around the simple notion of helping people ride and have fun.


Another Rider's Plans Crushed by International Motorcycle Shipping Errors

Posted by Eric Lange on October 25, 2015

As heartbreaking as it is, even after 5+ years of providing excellent, reliable motorcycle renting and touring packages to hundreds of riders around the world, we still get the occasional inquiry like you see below. (This is a screenshot of the Contact Form from our website, so of course we've obscured the name and email for the rider's privacy.)


Motorcycle Rentals: Want to ride this season in Patagonia? Well...

Posted by Eric Lange on September 13, 2012

As we've been predicting, this season's Patagonia motorcycle rentals and tours are just about sold out already.


Motorcycle Tours & Rentals in the U.S.A.: Where will you RIDE?

Posted by Eric Lange on April 11, 2012

(Above: It's dark in Redwood National Forest in Northern California, but that doesn't stop some motorcycle riders from trying to hug one of nature's most incredible giants!)


Motorcycle rentals in Peru, want something other than riding?

Posted by Eric Lange on November 2, 2010

When riding through Peru, should you fly over the Nazca lines?

Posted by Eric Lange on October 14, 2010

Another famous point of interest for motorcycle riders riding through Peru is the Lineas de Nazca (Nazca Lines) just a few minutes north of the town of Nazca itself.

Created by the Nazca people between 400 and 650 AD, the lines were created by carving away red pebbles inherent to the land to reveal the white stone underneath.  Most of these carvings are of birds, mammals, fish, and human figures, and can be over 600 feet wide.  Because they are on flat ground and so large, viewing of the Nazca lines is best done from airplane overhead.


Part of all motorcycle tours in Peru....MACHU PICCHU!

Posted by Eric Lange on October 10, 2010

Motorcycle rentals in Peru from Nazca to Cusco: Tampumayu Hotel

Posted by Eric Lange on October 8, 2010

The ride between Cusco and Nazca is definitely amongst the most beautiful for motorcycle rentals in Peru, or anywhere in South America for that matter.  But you might want to break this up into 2 days because it will take much longer than it appears on a map!


Motorcycle Trip Update: 3 weeks into Peru

Posted by Eric Lange on October 1, 2010
Just some more random pictures and sites you'll see on your motorcycle adventures in Peru!

Motorcycle Rentals in Peru: Colca Canyon Hotel options

Posted by Eric Lange on September 29, 2010

When your motorcycle rentals in Peru bring you to the beautiful Colca Canyon, finding a hotel with secure motorcycle parking can be as much of a challenge as it is in major cities with historical districts and Spanish-colonial architecture.  Calling ahead for a reservation is always a good idea, but one of these 3 hotels in the area should be ready to host you: 


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