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Motorcycle Adventure Rides: How to Pack for your journey

Posted by Eric Lange on January 8, 2018



Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag and Fandango Tank bag review

Posted by Chad Berger on December 8, 2015

Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag and Fandango Tank bag review

As a tour guide and avid motorcycle traveler, I’m always looking for the perfect motorcycle luggage setup. My demands for a luggage system are that it has to be versatile and be able to work on a variety of motorcycles and payloads, and of course it has to be durable and weatherproof. Like most serious riders, I’m willing to invest into gear that won’t let me down in the field since that can turn a good ride into bad one, or possibly even a dangerous situation.


Solar Panels for Sprinters & Toy Haulers: Part 2

Posted by Eric Lange on September 10, 2015

As we explained in Part 1 of this article series, our need was to have electricity available from the RIDE Adventures Sprinter Van so that we can keep showing you all the great photos & videos, powering air compressors, and charging smartphones at the motorcycle rallies and different events we’ve been meeting you at. Haven’t seen the van in person yet? Ask which event we’re going to next, and we’ll see you there!


Solar Panels for Sprinters & Toy Haulers: Part 1

Posted by Eric Lange on August 21, 2015

As the Mercedes Sprinter van gains popularity in the motorcycle world and now Ford, Ram, and others are making similar headway into this “toy hauler” market, weekend warriors around the world are stuck wondering “what’s the best way to make electrical power available from my van?”

While it’s a bit outside our normal blog topics, which are entirely about motorcycles, motorcycle trips, etc., we thought it important enough to share with you just how easy, affordable, efficient, useful and powerful the sun can be in this article. (That said, we'd still love to teach you more about packing for your motorcycle trip.)


Great Motorcycle Travel Tool: Just 8oz Can Jump Start a Bike!

Posted by Eric Lange on December 5, 2014

That title sounds like a gimmick, right? It's not a gimmick though, and I think you can say "goodbye" to bulky jumper cables and dead batteries, as the future is here! (Please keep in mind, we don't sell any of these products we review.)


Sleep Apnea and CPAP Machines for Motorcycle Travel

Posted by Eric Lange on October 12, 2014

As it turns out, I'm not invincible like I once thought.

That being said, I also can't believe I'm writing about this, as my personal medical history isn't something I thought I'd ever share on this blog. Having been told I have a mild case of sleep apnea earlier this year though sure has opened my eyes about this subject, as well as taught me about the challenge motorcycle travel can be without the right CPAP machine.


Garmin Montana vs. Oregon: The Right GPS for Motorcycle Trips

Posted by Eric Lange on July 30, 2014

In the battle of the Best GPS for Motorcycle Trips, there are a few key reasons why I think it's easy to decide between the various options. As noted in my previous review of The Best Motorcycle GPS, Garmin's Montana GPS unit was a very clear winner amongst 3 other possibilities I tried, and I still think it's a great unit.


Motorcycle Safety: Strap Your Luggage Tightly, Or Else...

Posted by Eric Lange on June 23, 2014

Folks it's about time to mention once again a very, VERY important topic with regards to motorcycle safety: Make sure your luggage is strapped or locked to your motorcycle in a way that it can't accidentally fall out of place!


Motorcycle Adventure Gear: Keen's for Your Feet

Posted by Eric Lange on May 15, 2014

As if finding the time & money for a major motorcycle trip isn’t enough of a challenge, perfecting your gear selection and packing strategy is a whole other project. We’ve posted articles and free whitepaper downloads in the past about “How to Pack for Your Motorcycle Trip,” and the “Motorcycle Trip Checklist,” but one item specifically worth mentioning is footwear. In particular, sandals made by Keen are what you should know about.


"Which is The Best Adventure Bike?" You know the answer

Posted by Eric Lange on February 27, 2013

As RIDE Adventures is in the business of setting people up with motorcycle rentals and motorcycle tours, riders are constantly hitting us with the question of "which is the best adventure bike?"  There are probably dozens, if not hundreds of blog posts and magazine articles revolving around this question already, but many of them are conspicuously promoting a specific motorcycle.  We won't do that here.


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