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Motorcycle Trips in Colombia, Riding Among the Coffee Plantations

Posted by Eric Lange on April 17, 2018

As if the scenery in central Colombia isn't enough, the Guided and Self-Guided motorcycle tours we offer in Colombia also lend us a learning opportunity. By the time we're in the Cocora Valley region nearing Salento, the elevation, climate, and soil type are perfect for growing one of the most famous forms of plant life in the world: "Coffea Arabica" perhaps better known as "coffee." Maybe you've heard of it : )

As part of our regular riding routes in Colombia, we have the opportunity to tour actual working coffee plantations and see what it takes to grace us with that essential cup of joy every morning.


Riding and researching Thailand, Laos, and Southeast Asia .... FINALLY!

Posted by Eric Lange on April 13, 2018

One of those projects that I couldn't wait to get started has finally begun ... I'm in Thailand right now at the beginning of month-long research riding project for RIDE Adventures to expand into Asia!

After a night in Shanghai on the way in (an interesting first-time experience for me in China) I arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand about a week ago, and started taking in the fantastic smiles and friendly faces of the Thai people. Particularly the Old City of Chiang Mai was quite a site to take in, with something like 40+ Buddhist temples throughout. My being a Thai food junkie even back home, I've been off to a great start on this trip.


5 Reasons to try Adventure Riding in the Andes of Colombia

Posted by Eric Lange on April 10, 2018

On the heels of our recently announcement of these great new service offerings for riding motorcycles in Colombia, it's time to share some of "why" we would bother to offer trips here in the first place.

What wasn't explained in that eNewsletter was that, indeed, RIDE Adventures did have Colombian operations in place back in the first few years of business from 2010-13. Sadly, but as can happen in any situation, our working relationships with the people previously involved came to an end, so it's only now about 4 years later that we've been able to reestablish a team worthy of taking care of our Customers in Colombia. This means great things for adventure riders from around the world who might have never thought they would ride in a country like this.

So here we go, 5 Top Reasons:



Should I Join a Guided Group Motorcycle Tour? [Introspection Into Your Riding Style]

Posted by Eric Lange on March 21, 2018
"Should I Join a Guided Group Motorcycle Tour?”

Are you the right type of Rider for this format?
Like with so many things motorcycle related, multi-day trips and adventures can be expensive endeavors. For this and many other reasons, we want to make sure our Customers are choosing the right motorcycle trip format for their adventures.
Remember that in the case of our trips, “Guided Group” means there is a Lead Guide and Support Truck essentially “encasing" the group as they traverse amazing landscapes through remote and vast regions of the world. It's a trip format you may have ridden in before, but we  send this list of points and questions below out to all Customers during their booking process as a way of making sure they're choosing according to their riding style, personality, and demeanor. As it turns out, the Guided Group format isn't for everyone, and that's why we also have Self-Guided Motorcycle Trip packages , and even a unique Self-Guided, Truck Supported package in Patagonia  to make sure everyone enjoys the fullest! 

BMW's F800GS or Honda's Africa Twin: The Better of 2 Great Bikes

Posted by Eric Lange on March 8, 2018

Even though BMW's new F850GS will be available soon, this post is being written with hopes of helping Riders considering the many new and used F800GS's that will be available for years to come.

As was recently noted in my Honda Africa Twin review, comparing this bike to the F800GS comes naturally, as they share a very similar size, stature, weight, capability, fuel capacity, etc. Within these general categories below though, it'll be clear which of the 2 bikes I would choose on any given day.

If you're so inclined, remember that many Riders book one of our motorcycle trip packages so they can test ride these bikes before making a purchase. Oh, and I'll be commenting on the "base" model of each bike, not the GS Adventure version of the BMW, or the Africa Twin that is coming out with a larger fuel tank soon.

As perhaps a point of credibility, I/we have been offering the F800GS as a rental bike since it first came out in 2008, and the Africa Twin these past 2 years that it's been available. Combining the feedback of hundreds of Customers with our own experience as Motorcycle Tour Guides, here we go:



Make Your Own 4x4 Support Truck & Crew on Motorcycle Trips in the Andes

Posted by Eric Lange on February 20, 2018

It's full-blown peak season in Patagonia and southern Africa touring season right now, such that I thought it was time to remind everyone about another great service we added last year: 4x4 Adventure Packages

The impetus for this blog post comes on the heels of tough news that yes, a few Adventure Riders have had crashes throughout parts of Namibia and the Andes Mountains down in Chile & Argentina this season. Fortunately nobody has been seriously injured in a life threatening manner, but this is the type of news we hope to avoid in the first place.


Honda's New Africa Twin: ADV Bike Review, 2 Seasons into the Rental Fleet

Posted by Eric Lange on February 4, 2018

"Hey, Honda....what took you so long?"

If my opening question is toned with tenderness, a bit of emotion is for good reason. Such a long wait for the motorcycle giant to re-enter the booming Adventure Riding & Dual Sport category sure was a test for Honda enthusiasts. 

Clinging to scraps of a "better late than never" sentiment, a recent roadside pee-break opportunity between motorcycle tours in Patagonia seemed like the right moment to make this video and share some thoughts about Honda's latest adventure bike. RIDE Adventures is now in our 2nd season of offering the Africa Twin as a motorcycle rental in Patagonia, with largely positive feedback from our Customers and those of us who guide these motorcycle trips. Categorically speaking: 


The Best Motorcycle GPS: 4 Options Tested, Only 1 Survived

Posted by Eric Lange on January 8, 2018

Editor's Note: This article about the best motorcycle gps options was originally posted in 2013, but our readers and riders still get a tremendous amount of value from it, as it's the most visited article on our site. Review the options below and use it as a stepping stone for further research. Also, we have a 2017 Update Article Linked Below.

*Please note: This is not an advertisement paid for by Garmin, and none of the reviews on www.rideadv.com are paid for by the manufacturers we recommend!


Motorcycle Adventure Rides: How to Pack for your journey

Posted by Eric Lange on January 8, 2018



The Best Part About this Type of Work...

Posted by Eric Lange on December 3, 2017

Gotta get this out there, cause it's too good not to share these thoughts (even if they sound a little too "mushy" for a bunch of adventure riders.)

It's particularly this time of year, "peak season" for our operations in southern Africa and stunning Patagonia, that I'm reminded about what I love so much about this business.

I've been talking or typing with so many of you for months now, discussing your riding wishes and advising with my best judgment about which of our options will best satisfy your riding desires. In doing so, I get to know you a bit. I've learned things like which motorcycles you ride, in some cases, which was your first bike ever, and reasons for finally taking your "dream trip." All of this brings back fond memories of my own riding past, and therefore a smile. Congratulations to so many of you for retiring, turning 50, or celebrating by going for a international ride somewhere to mark a special time in your life. (Not to mention those of you who are just due for a vacation.)


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