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Motorcycle Rentals in the U.S.

USA Motorcycle Rental

Ever heard of the Backcountry Discovery Routes? California's Pacific Coast Hwy? The Rocky or Cascade Mountains? Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, or some of the other National Parks? All these incredible places are just a twist of your wrist from our motorcycle rental fleet based in the outdoor paradise that is our hometown of Bend, Oregon, in the U.S. 

Located 130 miles from the nearest Interstate Highway in Central Oregon, the city of Bend, based along the Deschutes River offers motorcycle riders the experience of a true "getaway" from a life otherwise spent in traffic. With just a 30-minute flight from Portland, riders can avoid the congestion and cement of city life and arrive in a true outdoor paradise. From Alaska to Baja and Mexico, with the bounty of paved and dual sport riding opportunities in between, this is it. This is your home base for great riding experiences and exploring the "Wild West" still full of abandoned gold mining towns and true pioneering culture of the U.S.

Got family or friends to bring along that don't want to ride on a motorcycle? That's okay, everyone will be entertained, as Bend is ripe with every outdoor activity you can think of, most without spending more than 10-20 minutes in the car. While you are riding, your family and friends can be hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, playing golf, or just floating down the Deschutes River here in this outdoor dream come true. 

Since 2010, RIDE Adventures has created incredible riding opportunities for our Customers in remote places around the world, but it would be quite an oversight to forget about the amazing terrain, scenery and great riding experiences that we have right here at home the U.S. 

From our home base in Bend, Oregon, these dual sport and sport touring motorcycles are available for exploring the bounty of options up and down the western U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Nestled between the Cascade and Rocky Mountain ranges, among the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and California Backcountry Discovery Routes, and with British Colombia, Alaska, Baja, and the rest of Mexico all within reach, we are in the proverbial "position A" for Riders wanting to conquer all of the above. Months worth of riding is all here, and available in sections, such that a Rider could carve out for example "2 week" chunks that eventually link it all together. With National Parks around every sweeping turn, California and the Pacific Coast Highway, and all the pavement and dirt options between make for a true riding paradise.


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