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Reservations for motorcycle tours and rentals

Payments & Reservation Confirmation

Prior to using this page, we will have been informed of your requested motorcycle trip arrangements via email and then issued a formal Invoice or Quotation for service. Once that has been done, please see Payment Options listed below, and note that reservations can only be confirmed by 1) formal deposit or payment, 2) written confirmation from RIDE Adventures staff, 3) completion of the Registration Form to the right, and 4) acceptance of the subsequent Terms & Conditions and Releases & Waivers that will follow the submission of the Registration form.

Payment by Credit Card or PayPal™

1) Click the "Buy Now" button below
2) Having arrived at the PayPal screen, type your payment amount in the field on the left
3) If paying using PayPal™, you'll log into your PayPal™ account
4) If paying by credit card, see the "Don't have a PayPal™ Account?" option on the bottom and follow the link. (This can be used whether you actually have a PayPal™ account or not.)
5) On the payment form, please reference your Estimate or Invoice number for your specific travel package

Payment by Check, Wire Transfer, Walk-In Deposit, or via Phone with Credit Card

1) Payment by Check in US Dollars:
Mail Checks payable to RIDE Adventures, LLC to: 
Wells Fargo Bank
P.O. Box 5629
Portland, Oregon 97228-5629
(NOTE: You must include "Deposit to Account #2000058770681" along with the check. Also, please have your name or Estimate/Invoice number listed in the "Memo" field.)
2) By Bank Wire Transfer or Walk-in Deposit at a Local Wells Fargo Branch:
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
420 Montgomery
San Francisco, CA 94104 - USA
Phone: 800-225-5935
Account Name: RIDE Adventures, LLC
Account Owner:  Eric Lange
Account Number:  BY REQUEST
Routing Number: 121000248
Branch Number: (also) 121000248
*Please note: All sending and intermediary bank fees & charges must be withheld prior to amount being transferred

3) Credit Card by Phone/Email
*If you prefer or need to make a payment by phone, please call us at +1-305-600-0611 to give credit card details to a person. Either by phone or by email, we will need the following details:
-Card Type (Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX)
-Card Number
-Expiration Date
-Security Code
-Name as appears on card
-Billing address for card
-Billing email
-Billing phone
-Amount authorized to charge in USD