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Customer Experiences

"Thanks for all your help - our trip was truly a memory of a lifetime; astonishing scenery, driving and people from start till end.

To summarise: We had amazing weather throughout, as well as brilliant bikes. The GS's did not let us down, and were a real pleasure riding on dirt, gravel, tarmac and other surfaces encountered. Your proposed route provided a good balance between diverse scenery and exciting riding. From riding the dry and high landscapes of Chile to some of the greener areas of Bolivia, as well as tour highlights such as the Road of Death; it was an unforgettable experience. Must admit we noticed the altitude's impact on ability to take up oxygen (e.g. somewhat tiring moving around deep in the mines of Potosi at 4,000m+) - but this let us appreciate oxygen levels when back by the sea even more.
For your reference, have attached a couple of shots from the tour."

-George and Anders from Norway, after 10 great days of BMW motorcycle rentals in Chile, spent riding the Andes Mountains of northern Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile -  on the ferry at Estrecho de Tiquina to Copacabana, Bolivia for sure!