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Customer Experiences

"Rob's e mail pretty well sums up my response as well. 
As with Rob, this trip was also a long ago dream that was realized. The trip, the scenery, the entire experience was truly epic. After returning home, for the first week I would wake up in the morning and mentally I was still in Patagonia. My mind still flashes to the lasting images of Patagonia.
Our good weather luck charm, Rob, brought us clear skies with only one rain day of significance the entire trip and even the rain day and the drive thru muddy China Creek was a most memorable experience. 
There simply could not be a better guide than Andres. Andres has that wonderful gift of being your long time friend from the first moment you meet him. His personality, experience, and passion was  added bonus for the three of us.
I will miss our morning briefings and evening debriefings with Andres. I look forward to the photos and videos Andres took especially of the wild horses on China Creek.
Feel free to contact me for whatever reason you may have.
Andres, I will cherish the memories of your companionship on this trip."
Warmest regards,

-Written by Jake Berzkalns after his Self-Guided, Truck Supported "Full Patagonia Adventure trip through Chile and Argentina. So glad you enjoyed Patagonia and now know what we've been talking about since 2010, Jake!