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Customer Experiences

"Just a brief note to thank all of you at RIDE Adventures for a great trip. Ulli, you nearly didn't get your Africa Twin returned. It's a great bike and Jan & I really enjoyed each days riding, even the very wet day you so kindly organised for us.

Eric it must have been difficult organising a big groups accommodation and etc but it all went smoothly with a great mix of places to stay and dinners provided.

Andres…whaaat? …thanks for taking care of all the day to day small problems that cropped up with the group, explaining patiently each days trip and always with a smile. It has been a pleasure to travel with you. And thanks for looking after Cheryl in the vehicle. She enjoyed the trip.
Rodriquez: good job keeping the bikes up to scratch."

- Jim Hoffmann from Australia was kind enough to share these words with our Staff just after his Self-Guided, Truck Supported Full Patagonia Adventure trip. Jim opted for the new Honda Africa Twin, a motorcycle getting great feedback from the adventure riding world. Glad you enjoyed, Jim!