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Customer Experiences

What a blast! I've ridden motorcycles for 10 years but have been confined solely to roads.
I wanted to expand my range and opportunities for touring, so I started off-road riding four months before I took this course. I knew that improvement would come from expert guidance prior to the entrenchment of bad habits and from difficult terrain I couldn't encounter at home. It was worth every cent!
I found it alternately exhilarating and terrifying. I felt challenged and encouraged. The instructor understood my concerns as a novice and, frankly, as a small woman over 50. He didn't give me any different training than my husband, a 6-foot man with other training courses and 3 years of off-road riding under his belt. Which is great because terrain and weather conditions don't care either.
My husband likewise found the course useful because his other courses didn't have the pilon or sand work we had. He found the big ride on the second day a great way to put it all together. They could have done that ride faster without me, but no one complained.
I came away from the course exhausted (similar to a marathon in leg fatigue) but excited about my progress. I honestly feel confident about my ability to grow in the sport and be able to participate fully in any tours we may attempt in the future. I'm uploading all the content I have from this weekend, which is limited by file size: @Canucklynn on Instagram if you want to watch a dozen videos on my experience.

-Lynn Hall Burby


Thank you for sharing your fantastic experience, Lynn. We're thrilled you found our motorcycle riding course valuable. Your detailed account captures the essence of your journey, and we're honored to have played a role in your growth in the sport. Lynn took our Off-Road ADV Training Expedition in Pahrump, Nevada. Our off-road training takes place in Bend, Oregon, and Pahrump, Nevada. It's a 2-day training program loaded with hands-on instruction to help you become a safer, more confident rider.

-Jeff Taylor
RIDE Adventures