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Customer Experiences

"Pete, Lisa, and I, with our assorted riding companions, had the time of our lives. Each and every day each of us commented on the excitement, scenery, or riding challenge particular to that day, and distinctly different from days prior. Extraordinary experience for each of us.
Andres simply could not have been more effective, helpful, and encouraging as a support person. Highest possible marks. Itinerary selection seemed optimal, particularly after seeing our routing on a three dimensional map indicating terrain.
Hotel selection, in some cases, seemed unexpectedly good; in some cases less so. I understand you are limited in some towns by availability of better accommodations, in others by seasonal demand. Were somewhat better accommodations available at a marginal increase in pricing, I'd have been supportive. I suspect some others might not share that perspective.
Regarding bike quality and condition, the three of us appreciated and admired the BMWs which we used. I gather the Honda riders had similar perspectives.
I will look forward to sharing a different tour with you guys ; I recommend your services to any and all, without reservation."

- Nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than comments like these from George Mulligan, on the heels of his "Self-Guided, Truck Supported Full Patagonia Adventure." Thanks again, George!