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Customer Experiences

"Having met you in Washington last summer gave me the confidence to hand very a large sum of cash. I would have been a bit nerveous doing that with the other companies I was looking at.  All of the scheduling was done promptly and in a professional manner.  I also appreciated chatting with you directly.
A few days before I flew to Chile I emailed Ulli to confirm everything was ready with the bike.  He quickly responded and continued to promptly answer email and text throughout the entire trip.  It was reassuring knowing he was easy to contact if there were a serious issue.  
The bike was well equipped and ready to go when I arrived.  Ulli took the time to go over the maps, highlight routes and give recommendations on things to see and a few places to stay.  Having reserved the bike for a couple days longer than the standard northern Patagonia, I was able to use Ulli's recommendations as the starting point and customize the trip based on my time frame.  
Northern Patagonia, as you are well aware, is amazing.  Travelling solo forces me to interact more with the locals so I met so great people.  Reasonably priced lodging was easy to find (in most towns) and good food was everywhere.  Had it not rained so much, I would have regretted not taking my camping gear.  
It was a stress free experience doing business with your company and will recommend your services to others.  I have a friend in Greece who has been trying to get me to visit.  Perhaps a trip to the Balkans could be next on my list."

- The spirit of solo motorcycle travel led Jake Szympruch from Oregon to Patagonia, and his Patagonia Motorcycle Rental Package sounds like it was the right choice. Jake, for that, we are glad you enjoyed! See you around Oregon :)