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Customer Experiences

"Eric! We had a f___ing blast. We had a few WiFi-less days at the end or I would have written sooner. Yes- we hit a rabbit (or rather it hit us, pretty sure it was suicidal) in the road btw Perito Moreno and El Calafate. Shook us up for sure. As for mister rabbit- he exploded. The bike took it super well- he hit the crashbars which was lucky.sorry about any damage, looked purely cosmetic, but let me know! The bike itself was awesome- rey thinks the rear breaks might need to be replaced- it had enough brake pad to get us safely through the trip but the pads are pretty much toast by the end of our trip. 

The itinerary and accommodations were awesome- way fancier than either of us expected or have ever experienced- made for an incredible honeymoon ❤️ we are going to give you the biggest fattest five star review as soon as We’re home (writing from the airport), and hopefully we can recruit friends to come with us on more ride adventures as soon as our butts and bank accounts recover :)
We did find the offline gps maps useful but certainly not a replacement for a good road map. We took a few little side trips that i would suggest to others- we loved the Cueva de los manos in Argentina (there’s one in Chile too but it was closed) and the marble caves. We both fell madly in love with the Green Baker Lodge- the staff were so great and we just had a really lovely stay there- that hot tub is amazing and we even went fly fishing. All the hotels were exceptional- I’ve never been anywhere like Puyuhuapi before- we felt like celebrities. I can’t thank you enough for the service you offered! So smooth. Well be keeping our eyes out for you on rides and rally’s around the PNW (I think we’ve converted Rey from a dedicated chopper guy to more of an adventure biker now ;) thanks again- Kendra and Rey!!!"

- Congratulations Kendra and Rey for your marriage and honeymoon, and for choosing to spend that time riding the Self-Guided Fly & RIDE The Patagonia Experience! You were the first Riders of the season to complete this route, so congrats on the safe finish. As for the rabbit, sounds like he was too "rascally" : )