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Customer Experiences

"Eric, Made it to Punta Arenas yesterday. Awesome trip! I do have to admit it was tough and some OJT was required on the gravel portions but I am much more skilled now. Never dropped the bike once! Guess 60 year old guys can recall dirt bike skills from 40 years ago LOL. Wind riding was tiring but nothing Harley riders are experienced at. Very rewarding trip to say the least. Thanks for all your help and by the way, the African Twin is an amazing bike. I had never ridden an adventure bike before but the Honda did everything I needed it to do and will be my choice for purchase. 

PS: We road in either sunny skies or overcast every day. Not 1 day of rain!!  Thanks again!!"
Larry McCormack
Colorado Springs, Colorado


- Now that's a celebration photo! Larry, Tim, and Ron finished their Self-Guided "Fly & Ride Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" motorcycle trip in Punta Arenas, and took this excellent shot overlooking the Strait of Magellan, just across from Tierra del Fuego. Congrats on the safe finish, guys, and thanks for sharing!