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Customer Experiences

 "Hi Eric, Ulli, Christine, greetings from Lithuania! I'm already back and telling all my friends how amazing this trip was! I was dreaming to travel Carretera Austral for many years. Also to return to Ruta 40. Everything was great :) Bike was perfect, I really liked it. Ulli, thanks again for all the route tips!
I didn't make it all the way to Villa O'Higgins because I was a bit short of time, but I'm very glad I chose to cross to Argentina on a small road via Paso Roballos. Not the easiest pass but definitely worth it. Very very beautiful!
Here are some photos I picked for you: https://goo.gl/photos/ZgLocHc5ZxD9vkB29 Also there is a short video from Bajo Caracoles. Not the most amazing place to stay, as Ulli described it. But definitely memorable :)
By the way, Eric, when I was returning the bike, I met your friends - they were just starting their trip. There some photos of them too.
Thanks again and best wishes,

- Our Patagonia motorcycle rentals came through for Laurynas's adventure riding plans, and this news couldn't make us happier! Riders exploring the incredible, remote & rugged beauty of Patagonia, with scenes like this photo to share....it's what we work for.