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Customer Experiences

"It was a great trip. But as I suspected, I didn't have enough time to see everything.  Wish I would have had time to see more of the northern country.  Bret had some great pictures of that area on his ride back to Osorno.  Made it to Ushuaia y fin del mundo. 
Winds were relentless in Argentina. And the only reason to go they that is Ushuaia and Perito Moreno glacier. Otherwise the good riding is mostly in Chile imo.
Some other highlights of the trip were what Bret and I referred to the road of death. Not nearly as bad as the real one, but the drive south of Puyuhuapi (sp?) was quite spectacular.  Cliffs and the pacific and large potholes and large trucks (you get the picture) made it interesting.  the ride through the mountains heading south made Kauai look like a desert!  We couldn't believe all the waterfalls and couldn't begin to count them. Had to be in the hundreds!  Not kidding.  It was the wettest day but a spectacular experience nonetheless. Would love to see it with a little hint of blue skies!
I mentioned winds, and the day riding to Tres Lagos on Ruta 40 was a challenge. Stiff crosswinds and gravel do not mix. We both kept the sticky side down but several times a gust would come and blow us out of the track and you just had to go with it until you crossed the marbles and reached some traction in another track."

- Every rider has their own riding style, and a "Self-Guided Fly & Ride Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" package worked out well for Leslie Donelson and his friend, Bret. As noted though, the only thing that would have made the trip better would probably be some more time in northern Patagonia! Hey, at least you guys experienced what so many have yet to.