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Customer Experiences

 "Good to hear from you. Thank you! Looking back on our Patagonia ride brings tears to my eyes. Your annotated map and bike logistics made our trip possible and tremendous. Please use my email however you can to encourage others to trust your knowledge and service. You and Ulli really delivered for us. Our 3,500 miles (1,500 on dirt) is one of those motorcycle adventures that can only be done with planning and preparation. We could not have done it without Ride Adventures support. We are forever grateful.

Thanks again,

Mike Bradford
Lake Tahoe, NV"

- Mike Bradford from the Lake Tahoe area wrote back in response to a recent eNewsletter, still feeling the effects that Patagonia has on adventure riders. That's why we love what we do at RIDE Adventures, so thanks for the note, Mike! The Bradfords clearly enjoyed the "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" route.