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Customer Experiences

"During a motorcycle trip to Alaska in 2010, we decided to go see "the other side" and ride through Patagonia. But life got in the way and two month before getting down there we had little more booked than our plane ticket...
This is where RIDE Adventures comes in. 

 Eric helped create a route from Punta Arenas to Osorno in 11 days. We exchanged thousands of emails but Eric was always here to answer all of our questions and find solutions for everything, from the itinerary to the bikes to the accommodation to the gas question. Few days before the trip, he sent us fantastic guide books, detailing every leg. We have rented bikes in several places in the world and RIDE Adventures is certainly the benchmark in terms of customer service.
Our rentals were arranged with a very professional and helpful crew. The bikes were brand new and super well equipped (large windshield, handle covers, crash bars, sturdy side cases, etc). I was sick the day we were supposed to start the trip. The team was very helpful in helping us do last minute changes. It could have been terribly wrong without their assistance.
The trip was amazing! We went from cold pampas to shark teeth mountains to desert landscapes to jungle fjords. We rode open smooth asphalt lanes, 1000's of miles of gravel road, even twisties and amazing mountain curves. The accommodations where as varied as the landscape: small town hotels, estancias, riverside lodges. Our preferred stays were La Estancia La Angostura (in the middle of nowhere, on the west side of Argentinian Patagonia) and the Green Baker Lodge (in the Lago General Carrera area). The many border crossings took certainly a lot of time but were a unique experience every time. Maybe it didn't help that our group was Latvian, Canadian, Irish and French...
In conclusion, I would say that it was the best motorcycling trip we had so far. I would absolutely recommend RIDE Adventures to anyone planning a trip in South America. I sincerely thank Eric for his awesome support."


-Emily & Johann, Ann Arbor, Michigan
-Anna & Patrice, Seattle, Washington, a
fter 10 Day incredible self-guided riding trip through the heart of Patagonia