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Customer Experiences

"Our trip from Osorno to Punta Arenas was our first adventure ride in South America and the scope of the project was difficult for us to comprehend. Eric provided everything we needed in the way of prudent advice and kept us out of trouble. Several things he iterated held true and had we not listened to his advice could have run out of gas, gotten seriously lost or worse. 

 Getting to Punta Arenas on Chilean and Argentinian roads without backtracking was very much adventuresome due to the lack of road signs and confusing low resolution maps. If there is anything I could suggest for RideADV it would be to provide technical options to the non guided rider to better navigate by. (So there's no offense to RideADV you have to ask; If I know where I'm going is it still an adventure ride?) All in all we were very impressed with Eric's knowledge and advice and of course will seek him out on our next excursion. Best regards, Louis Zietz"


-Louis Zietz from Texas,  after months of months of planning and patiently waiting for what was clearly a successful Self-Guided Motorcycle Trip in Patagonia!