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Customer Experiences

"Just got back from a great ride in Peru...RIDE Adventures helped nine of us to build and ride a personalized tour of Peru...the ninth person was a Peruvian that lives here in the States. Having a Spanish speaking guy with you really makes the trip

We started in Arequipa and went west to the coast and then north to Nazca, then East to Cuzco and down the east side of the Andes to the Amazon Jungle for a two day stay there, then on to Puno via one of the highest towns in the world Macusani (14,500)...stayed overnight there...Puno was great...do not miss the floating island of Lake Titicaca...Eric did a fantastic job of co-ordination. Think about a person following you in a pickup with a motorcycle trailer (hauled our gear in the pickup and gave riders a chance to take a break) on a 1850 mile tour. Would do it again tomorrow...just imagine 1300 miles of nothing but pure curves to really learn how to road ride a bike...got right out on the edge of the tread....if there is a better place to ride in the world I want to go there next! Thanks Eric for setting up the once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!!"


-Ted Beck - Montana - If you want more particulars - email me! (Ted and his group did a self-guided motorcycle trip of Peru with motorcycles we provided, and hotels and maps we arranged for them.)