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Customer Experiences

Ride Adventures was a Great Experience!!!
"Eric and Crew have created an excellent Introductory Adventure Motorcycling Course.
This was my first experience riding off of pavement and my instructors were very supportive, encouraging, and patient with me. The Bike I rented was in great shape and worked perfectly. By then of the first day I was feeling way more confident in my riding.
It's two days since the course ended and I'm shopping for my own bike that can handle off-road adventures. Despite feeling (satisfyingly) sore all over, I would definitely take this course again, because I still have a lot to learn. I would also love to go on a Ride Adventures international tour, when you are riding with Ride Adventures you are in good hands!
Thank You Eric, Keith, Seth, Jay, and Tyler for such an amazing and challenging experience.
I learned a lot."
Richard F.
Portland, OR

- Richard, we're glad if our Training Expedition in Oregon was a positive step forward in building your skillset for adventure riding, and look forward to seeing which bike you end up with : )