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Customer Experiences

RA: Was it easy to reserve and plan your trip through RIDE Adventures? - Sean: "Yes 10/10"

RA: Did you find convenience in contacting us instead of having to deal with international phone calls different time zones, or other booking uncertainty? - Sean: "Yes 10/10"

RA: Is there anything else you can say about how we're doing? -  Sean: "RIDE Adventures, glad I found you, you are awesome."

"Andres and Ulli were super supportive, and great with back up, really great. I was in tourism for many years, and I know how challenging these situations can be, and I don’t envy them. 

Would we use you again – FOR SURE and we fully intend to and next time Andres will be hooked into coming with us. What an awesome person, and Ulli as well. - We left ourselves in your hands, and very happy with that. The accommodation was excellent, actually too good for us. Casinos and fancy spots, we will skip. Far refer off the beaten track. The two spots we found ourselves were by far the best :) That said, we are probably not your average mainstream travellers.

Eric, you get 10/10. Hard charging, no bullshit, get the job done. Perfect."

- Sean Gibson from South Africa had some thoughts to share on our post-trip follow-up. Looks like we got his Self-Guided, Fly & Ride The Best of Northern Patagonia adventure riding package just right. Glad you enjoyed, Sean!