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Customer Experiences

 "We completed our journey yesterday Thursday morning !  And safely !  We were able to visit many places , admire the beautiful landscape : Cueva de las manos ( the ride was great , a small dose of challenge ) , the Patagonian crosswinds unbelievably strong, the sweet ride up to  Perito Moreno glacier , the ride all around Torres del Paine NP among others are the highlights of this trip not to mention the riders  you meet on the road telling their colorful  "ride stories"  but although  time is always short and there is a schedule to meet we have certainly enjoyed this ride A LOT and would recommend it to our friends.
The bike performed flawlessly , ZERO issues ! Not even a flat.   
A good thing we brought a 2 gl fuel can.  We ended up using it twice.
Returned the bike as instructed to Alejandro in Punta Arenas around noon , a bit dirty but otherwise just with more miles on it. No accidents, scratches , nothing  missing from the bike.
We're already thinking to do another one ... Thanks." 

- Tony Yrey finished a Self-Guided "Fly & RIDE The Patagonia Experience" motorcycle trip package, obviously with a high level of success! No damage, overall good weather, and great views of highlights like Torres del Paine National Park and the Perito Moreno Glacier. Thanks for the note, Tony!