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Customer Experiences

"Getting caught up, and I do want to pass on the trip went great. Could not of ask for anything more, Ulli was a great host, knew the country(s) well, bike was ready for us to go, I honestly have no issues, would look you up again and highly recommend you guys to anyone.

Weather did not fully cooperate a couple of days, but right gear it really wasn't an issue. Between my wife and myself we are not even beginner level on Speaking Spanish yet neither Argentina or Chile was it ever a problem, folks were just friendly and helpful. Plus, Ulli couched us well for the border points.

For Americans some of my thoughts, breakfast suck in South America, but lunch/dinner's fantastic. Even a little road side dinner served up the best grilled Salmon I have had in while, and I am from Seattle. And with not much effort you can find great places to stay along the way. We had water front rooms in Barloche and Neibla, unique cabanas in El Bolson and Puerto Varas. Sights between too many to list. Karen and I a great time, and like all vacations, it was just too damn short, so much more we would of liked to have done with more time.

Thanks again. It won't be this year, but sometime in the next couple of years I would like to follow the Dakar for a few stages. "

- Rick Keist from Seattle just finished our Self-Guided Fly & RIDE The Best of Northern Patagonia package. As is always possible in Patagonia, there was some rough weather....but also some great riding and views. Glad you enjoyed, Rick!