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Customer Experiences

"FYI, I got back to Uvalde Texas yesterday afternoon. It was a great trip, I would sum it up as successful. The hotels, restaurants, and bike you choose were the best. The route and scenery was unbelievable. The weather was a bigger obstacle than I expected as were some of the roads. Nothing really difficult but 2700 miles was a challenge. Did I tell you that I celebrated my 70th birthday during the ride?  Also I met lots of interesting people.  I’m headed to Colorado to ski in ten days. And then???

I’m grateful for all your help,  Ed"

- Congratulations to Ed Carnes from Texas for celebrating his 70th year with a successful solo Self-Guided "Fly & RIDE Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia" trip! We sometimes wonder if some riders have read too much about the drama of Patagonia's conditions and are turned away as a result. Yes, winds and conditions can be tough sometimes, but Ed just showed us all how to do it: Be patient, keep at it, ride smart without showing off for your friends, and most careful, experienced dual sport riders can enjoy some of the world's best riding safely. This photo taken and recognized as the spot where RIDE Adventures was born by the simple thought "more people need to experience this." Ed had a few clouds that day, but when that sun cracks and the waters turn bright blue ... oh what a site.