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Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage for the Ultimate Adventure Rides

Posted by Eric Lange on June 24, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Time to pay tribute to what has basically become a "permanent fixture" in this motorcycle traveler's busy lifestyle: The Ortlieb "Moto Rack-Pack" by Ortlieb USA.

On the short list of great products I've had with me in recent years, this waterproof duffel bag stands out for it's incredible durability, functionality, and overall value in the sense that I have truly gotten my money's worth.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Rack Pack is its "simplicity." With the wide open roll top and cavernous interior, getting your riding gear, parts, clothing, or whatever in and out of this bag is incredibly easy. Once you roll the top shut and clip the straps into place, it's perfectly water and dust proof, as I have proven in many thousands of miles these past years. (And please trust when I say this bag's waterproofness has really been tested in Patagonia, Bolivia, Peru, Croatia, Montenegro, etc.)


Protect Your KTM with Trailjammer Designs' Aluminum Clutch and Stator Covers

Posted by Eric Lange on June 24, 2015 at 10:23 AM

Protecting your motorcycle engine is crucial, especially if you're an adventure rider who loves to take on challenging terrains. A damaged engine can quickly put an end to your trip, which is why investing in high-quality protection is essential. While there are several options available, carbon fiber and aluminum are the most popular choices.

When I recently purchased a slightly used 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R, I noticed that the previous owner had used liquid weld to fix a punctured clutch cover. Although it was holding up well, it was leaking slightly, and I decided to replace the cover. I wanted to ensure that the new cover was well-protected, so I started researching. While carbon fiber options were available, I found that they didn't offer the level of protection I needed.

After researching, I came across Trailjammer Designs, a California-based company that produces aluminum protection pieces for both the clutch and stator side of the engine. The design of their protection pieces mounts them to the engine using a high-temperature RTV gasket/sealer compound, which acts as a padding to disperse the energy from any impact. I used an entire 3oz tube of Permatex RTV when installing both the clutch and stator covers, and I could have used more for better protection.


Best Handlebar Risers: Still made by Rox SpeedFX (KTM 690 Install)

Posted by Eric Lange on June 24, 2015 at 10:02 AM

As the original handlebar position on my latest bike just isn't tall enough for me, I've installed yet another pair of what I call a "no brainer" in the motorcycle parts & accessories world: Handlebar risers by Rox Speed FX.

This is the 3rd motorcycle I've installed Rox's risers on, and I'm sure it won't be the last, as they continue to make a truly versatile, high-quality, and dare I say "snazzy" looking pair of risers. In this case, on my 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R, I'm trying their new 2" Pivoting Anti-Vibe Bar risers for the first time.

For those unfamiliar with Rox's risers, take a closer look at the 1st picture and you'll see how they're utilizing the original handlebar mounts to attach the risers, thereby moving the handlebars up into a 2nd set of clamps that are part of the risers themselves. This is such a great design because it allows you 2 pivot points instead of 1, making it easy to really custom fit the handlebars to exactly where you want them. All the "fore and aft" movement combines with bar rotation to put your handlebars in the perfect position.


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