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Crossing the border of Peru and Bolivia on an adventure bike in the Altiplano region of the Andes Mountains of South America. Sound good enough yet? Just wait until you're here...

One of our most spectacular routes with the greatest amount of variety imaginable, the Andes & Altiplano Adventure involves riding mostly on well-paved twists and turns, although a small percentage of the overall trip will be off-pavement (experienced riders only should apply.) On this incredible trip, you'll get to see the best of both countries from a riding perspective, with highlights including Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Nazca Lines, Ché Guevara Trail, the Uyuni Salt Flats and more.

As we've blogged about extensively, motorcycle trips in this part of the world aren't just about "great riding," but also the charm and mystery found within the very culture of the people we encounter along the way. Traditions, clothing, customs, and cuisines of the Incas are still very much alive in this Altiplano (high plains) region of the Andes, and as you probably know, there's no better way to arrive to these experiences and encounters than on a motorcycle. So please see the details scattered througout this page, note that your motorcycle rental, all hotels, Lead Guide, Support Truck, and much, much more are all included, and let us know which trip date you want to sign up for while limited spaces are still available!


Day 1 – Arrival in Arequipa, Peru - Altitude: 2300m


Welcome to PERU and what we think is one of the best motorcycle trips ever! For your convenience, airport transfers are included in this historical city of Arequipa, bringing everyone together to get started with a few paperwork details and motorcycle familiarization. As the group forms and gets aquainted, your Guides will offer a briefing on the amazing adventure riding experience that lies ahead, and answer any questions. Be sure to unwind and explore Arequipa's city center which is easily accessed from the hotel included in this package, and rest-up for the RIDE Ahead!

Day 2 – Arequipa to Puerto Inka, Peru - 420km -  Altitude: Riding down to sea-level

Now begins one of your long-awaited RIDE Adventures! A long riding day full of twists and turns requires an early start in order to arrive at Puerto Inka before dark while capturing all the photos riders will want to take this first day. Some stretches of the PanAmerican Highway riding northbound along the Peruvian shoreline might resemble California's Pacfic Coast Highway, but wait: This time, you're RIDING in PERU! Feel free to cast a huge smile within your helmet and shout for joy about this feeling that so many riders from around the world have been dreaming about. With waves crashing to your left, lunch will be in Camaná or Atico before twisting and turning approximately 100km more along the coastal route to Puerto Inka for a first night listening to the crashing of the Pacific surf.

Day 3 – Puerto Inka to Nazca, Peru – 165 km - Altitude: to 520m

This is a shorter riding day across the dry Peruvian desert which can include a stop at the Chauchilla Cemetery to witness the mumified remains of Peruvians from the 9th Century A.D. The town of Nazca is famous for the mysterious Nazca Lines, which are geoglyphs and formations drawn out across the pampas (open grassy plains) just outside of the town. Riders can either take a local flight over the area to get the best views of animal and other figure-formations drawn in the dirt and sand below, or a nearby tower can be climbed for those who prefer to stand or RIDE instead of fly : )

Canyon Riding Peru

Day 4 – Nazca to Chalhuanca, Peru - 361km - Altitude: to 4500m

Here marks our climb into the Andes mountains! More twisties and vast scenery accompany the gradual ascent to this town high in the Andes, with minimal effort thanks to the "twist of your wrist." Lunch is in the town of Puquio before heading up further to Chalhuanca, a very remote spot that will cause one to stop and ponder the amazing place in the world they've just arrived to. You're below the equator, on a motorcycle, riding in Peru, and with so much great riding yet ahead!

Day 5 – Chalhaunca to Cuzco, Peru - 320km - Altitude: to 3400m

Andes Mountains Peru Motorcycles

Continuing east on the way to Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire awaits you but not before a long series of fun twists and Andean hairpin turns. Valley and cliff settings atop tiny small towns all show the way to Cuzco where we'll stay near the Plaza de Armas in the town center, and a perfect location for exploring the nightlife, arts, and crafts offered here. Norton Rat's Tavern has a Guest Book and beverages to enjoy while meeting travelers from every corner of our world.

Day 6 – Rest Day in Cuzco - Altitude: 3400m

Take a break in this charming city, and enjoy the architectural and cultural surroundings. Your tour Guide will offer a walking tour of Cuzco focusing on the historical highlights, and the afternoon is open to any idea you have. Explore Cuzco alone, or perhaps visit some of the many ancient ruins found just outside of the city with the help of local guides, there'll be plenty to do and enjoy.

Day 7 – Cuzco to Ollantaytambo, Peru - 100km - Altitude: to 2800m

Today's brief ride through the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas makes Rider very glad they're on a motorcycle instead of being trapped inside a bus. Lunch is upon arrival in Ollantaytambo with ancient ruins all around. Notice the hole-covered valley walls in some spots? Grave diggers long ago discovered that ancient Incas were buried with all their gold and jewelry possessions, and the deceased have since been "relieve" of their belongings.

Day 8 – The TRAIN RIDE to Machu Picchu, Peru - 30km- Altitude: to 2360

Finally, your arrival at Machu Picchu! Arguably the most famous site in all of South America, the story of Hiram Bingham's 1911 journey to find the "Lost City of the Incas" is one you can now appreciate better, having passed through the thick and lucious terrain of Peruvian rainforest. Due to the non-existent road to Aguas Calientes (the base village below Machu Picchu), the only other way to arrive would be by hiking the Inca Trail for about 3-5 days. The early 2 hour train ride to Aguas Calientes will bring us along the Urubamba River to this small town, just before a brief bus ride up to the gates of Machu Picchu. With plenty of time to adore the grandeur of this magnifient discovery, the train ride back to Ollantaytambo at the end of the day will undoubedtly be one with a smile on your face.

Day 9 – Ollantaytambo to Puno, Peru - 420km - Altitude: to 3800m

Another big riding day full of gorgeous Andean surroundings awaits you, rising from the Sacred Valley of the Incas on the way down to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. With a late afternoon arrival likely, it's time to say goodbye to your Peruvian motorcycle, as a change of bikes is planned for the other side of the border in Bolivia. Enjoy this lively and highly-elevated town, and the great walking and shopping opportunties within.

Day 10 – The BUS RIDE to La Paz, Bolivia - 255km - Altitude: to 3500

A boat cruise on Lake Titicaca is scheduled for the morning, granting an opportunity to visit the famous "Floating Island of the Uros" people. See up-close how the locals live and work their lives, based on bundles of dried totora leaves formed such that everything "floats." After lunch, border-crossing procedures begin, and a private bus shuttles the group from the border area to La Paz, where your Bolivian motorcycle awaits you at the hotel. The remainder of the day is free to enjoy the beautiful city of La Paz, and enjoy a new part of your adventure, the one that begins in Bolivia!

Days 11 – La Paz to Coroico, Bolivia - 110km


- Altitude: RIDE from 4,700m down to 1,600m

Relax and enjoy your morning in La Paz, then we RIDE once again. that's right, you're smiling and shouting within your helmet that "I'm riding in Bolivia!" --- A short ride out of the city climbs to the highest point in elevation of the day at 4,700 meters, before a beautiful descent in to the Bolivian jungle, with spectacular scenery and foliage surrounding every twist and turn. Glimpses of a very famous road for adventure riders to conquer (scheduled yet ahead) can be seen in the distance as you arrive in Coroico.

Day 12 – REST DAY in Coroico, Bolivia - Altitude: 1600m

Today is a rest day in the quiet, yet incredibly scenic town of Coroico. It's an important part of any good motorcycle adventure to slow down, rest-up, and experience what life is really like in remote villages, so enjoy the curtain of jungle vegetation and warm, friendly people all around, and rest-up!

Day 13 – Coroico to Oruro, Bolivia - 320km - Altitude: to 3700m

Weather permitting, today’s ride includes the original unpaved "El Camino de la Muerte" sometimes referred to as "The World's Most Dangerous Road." Keeping in mind that this is completely optional for riders, we'd like to reassure you that this famous stretch of road can be ridden very safely and easily with a few reminders and a cautious approach. This road that got it's name as a result of careless driving by many who just refused to slow down and be cautious is one you'll never, ever forget. Some points of the road are edged by cliff walls that are over 1000 meters, straight down! Definitely a thrilling experience though --- Next comes the city of La Paz again with lunch outside the city in El Alto. To finish the day, an easy-going afternoon ride southbound over the Altiplano leads everyone to the city of Oruro for another night with incredible riding to reflect back on.

Day 14 – Oruro to Uyuni, Bolivia - 325km - Altitude: 3,700m

Riding south over the Altiplano to the east shore of the Uyuni Salt Flats, this journey now enters the largest salt flats in the world: the Salar de Uyuni. An exhilerating experience and site, the beautiful white stretches of salt stretch about as far as one can see, and we get to RIDE right on the salt! Lunch will be at Inca Huaso (House of the Inca), AKA “Cactus Island” or “Fish Island," which is one of the few land masses that rise from the salt flats, interrupting the otherwise seemless platform of open spaces in addition to a hotel that is actually made from this very salt. If timing allows, visiting the train cemetery close to Uyuni makes for some great illusionary photos, and late afternoon we arrive at our hotel for the night and enjoy the “Minute Man” restaurant in our hotel, where some of the BEST pizza in the southern hemisphere awaits you. - Keep in mind while riding that the Dakar Rally competitors have been racing motorcycles, trucks, and cars through this landscape since the rally arrived here in 2009. When the salt flats are covered with water in January though, some vehicles are "done" here after finding out what salt water does to electrical systems!

Day 15 – Uyuni to Potosi, Bolivia - 220km - Altitude: to 4100m

A day of riding once declared among the "3 Greatest 1-Day Rides" by RIDE Adventures Founder, Eric Lange, the natural formations and sites along the early parts of this route almost seem artificial, they're so incredible. Pictures just won't do it justice, especially the final stages of this section and in the later afternoon "golden hours" lighting. The second half of the day offers an optional visit to the medieval silver mine of Cerro Rico near Potosi, and an evening to enjoy in this UNESCO World Heritage Site that is listed amongst the very highest cities in the world.

Day 16 – Potosi to Sucre, Bolivia - 160km - Altitude: to 2810m

A relaxing and short ride through the Bolivian countryside and farmlands leads us to the political Capitol of Sucre. With a hotel positioned in the downtown plaza area, great food, walking, dining, and shopping are all around this pleasant city center, so enjoy and get ready for more riding action ahead.

Day 17 – Sucre to La Higuera, Bolivia - 281km - Altitude: to 1950m

Just outside of Sucre begins some more spectacular unpaved terrain simply perfect for adventure bike riding. The goal today is to end up in the historic of La Higuera, the town where Ché Guevara was arrested and killed by the Bolivian Army and other "political interests" who awaited his demise. Riding part of the Ruta del Che (Che Guevara Trail) might also conjur up images from the famous The Motorcycle Diaries movie, depicting his travels which now very much resemble your own. Enjoy memories of his documentary, while you create your own.

Day 18 – La Higuera to Vallegrande, Bolivia - 60km - Altitude: 2030m

With a short ride to Vallegrande, there's time available to explore the town where Ché Guevara’s body was moved to and shown on the world stage. An afternoon walking tour of the town will also give insight to the dilemma and reasons surrounding Che's execution, and further round-out this adventure riding experience with some of the many off-bike and cultural experiences that make this trip so unique.

Day 19 – Vallegrande to Cochabamba, Bolivia - 360km - Altitude: to 2600m

Perhaps sadly, but also with an immense sense of satisfaction, this final riding day starts with smooth pavement but finishes with gravel and dirt leading into the city of Cochabamba. Cochabamba is famous for it’s tallest Christ statue in the world, which is even taller than the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With so many great experiences now in the rear view mirrors, plans are to enjoy a great farewell dinner in this bustling city, and cherish the friendships and experiences everyone now enjoys.

Day 20 – Departure Day

Airport transfers are included this day, or extra days can be built into your package upon request. Start organzing all those thousands of photos and sharing now that you'll have better internet access and can tell the world about the amazing adventure RIDE through Peru and Bolivia. A trip you'll never ever forget will be serving up memories long into the future, so we hope you enjoyed!

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Bikes Available

BMW F700GS (twin cylinder)

BMW F700GS (twin cylinder)

The new F700GS offers a larger windshield, enhanced braking system, Electronic Suspension Adjustment, Automatic Stability Control, and a handful more horsepower! As if the previous version (the F650GS) wasn't a good enough adventure bike, this mid-weight option continues to be the most versatile and popular motorcycle rental option.




Certainly considered the “athlete” of the BMW team, the F800GS can be counted on to carry all your travel gear and still maintain the awesome feeling of a pure off-road machine when you’re in the dirt.  With over 215mm of suspension travel, the F800GS boasts 85 horsepower from its twin-cylinder engine, and is sure to give an adrenaline rush when you unleash it!


BMW R1200GS - Liquid Cooled

BMW R1200GS - Liquid Cooled

Revised back in 2013, BMW it seems has done it once again in the world of adventure motorcycles. The new liquid-cooled version of the famous R1200GS comes with a more "upright" stance and off-road friendly positioning.  Now with a wet clutch, a higher air intake perfect for river crossings, and a 10% horsepower increase over the previous model, BMW has clearly made improvements on what was already a great adventure bike.


Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin

Finally, the return of a legend! The long awaited, and thoroughly updated Africa Twin by Honda has been talked about for years, finally making itself available in various markets around the world in 2015. With a four-valve Unicam® cylinder head 998cc parallel twin engine, more power than an adventure rider could ever need is available along with suspension travel and ground clearance to handle the most remote and rugged terrains and pathways. 


Suzuki DR650

Suzuki DR650

Chosen by adventure riders around the world, Suzuki's DR650, is an excellent bike for adventures rides anywhere. It'll maintain it's power well at altitude, and handle all the dirt and rocks you can throw it's way while still feeling comfortable on those stretches of pavement in between. With a seat height of only 885mm (34.8 inches) its accommodating stature makes this manageable machine easy to handle no matter what the situation.