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Guided Group Tour: Machu Picchu Express in Peru

Machu Picchu Peru Motorcycle Tour, Riding Adventure in Peru

Machu Picchu Peru Motorcycle Tour, Riding Adventure in Peru

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  • Motorcycle Tour to Machu Picchu
  • Road to Machu Picchu Peru
  • Machu Picchu Tour
  • Motorcycle Tour Peru

The highlight-packed country of Peru in South America is a paradise for motorcycle travel, and the Machu Picchu Express tour makes sure you enjoy it all.

With enormous, smoothly-paved sweeping turns through the Andes Mountains and visits to some of the smallest rural villages, the great Peruvian culture and cuisine are all in addition to the fantastic scenery you can witness on this Peru motorcycle tour! We've been offering this same trip package since 2011 now, making minor adjustments along the way, but receiving tremendous praise all the while for the choice of routes, sites, and accommodations.

From the Pacific Coast up to high in the Andes Mountains, the Machu Picchu Express tour fits an amazing adventure ride and string of highlights into just 2 weeks of travel. Got more time available than that? We have other options that include more of the Amazon rainforest regions and other incredible settings in Peru.

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Day 1 - Arrival in Arequipa, Peru (AQP airport) 

Welcome to Peru, and the start of your adventure! Friendly faces will be at the airport in Arequipa to greet you, and take you to the hotel which is situated perfectly in the downtown area of the historical city of Arequipa. Hopefully your flight allows you some time to explore the city before a Welcome Dinner and briefing help everyone focus on the safe, and fun journey ahead.

Day 2 - Arequipa to Puerto Inka

Finally, your RIDE in Peru begins! Out of Arequipa and to the Pacific Coast, we spend the day on twisties and turns on the Panamerican Highway headed north toward Nazca. Some riders liken this to California's Pacific Coast highway, but this time you'll probably be shouting with excitement in your helmet ... "I'm riding a motorcycle ... in PERU!" The exhileration can bring all sorts of emotions, so be sure to keep adrenaline in check and arrive with the group in Puerto Inka for a night listening to the Pacific waves crash, and sleep well.

Nazca Lines PeruDay 3 - Puerto Inka to Nazca 

The day's ride starts with a chance to enjoy the fascinating and well-preserved Chauchilla Cemetery along the coast and on the way to the city of Nazca. Once there in Nazca, riders can either opt for a flight over the ancient remnants, or utilize a nearby lookout tower that helps your viewing angle. Either way, say goodbye to the Pacific Ocean, and hello to the Andes Mountains starting tomorrow.

Day 4 - Nazca to Chalhuanca

Up, up, and away! Climbing the Andes Mountains begins today, at a gradual pace to help everyone acclimate to the the elevation change. The overnight stop in the small town of Chalhuanca only happens after this incredible day of twists and turns similar to those of the famous "Tail of the Dragon" in the U.S. This RIDE is much longer and higher in elevation though, with magnificent cliff walls all around you. Settling down in such a remote village for a night in the Andes Mountains of Peru, get ready for more ahead (and just say that to yourself out loud a few times, thinking about where you are!)

Day 5 -Chalhuanca to Cuzco

Continuing deeper into the Andes, more twists and turns, and tiny villages in remote locations will be enjoyed during the ride. Targeting the "gateway city" of Cuzco, this charming city high in the mountains is a popular pathway to arguably South America's most famous site: Machu Picchu! For now, enjoy this charming city with plenty of shops and restaurants, and the historic Plaza de Armas which the city centers around.

Day 6 - Rest Day in Cuzco

It's important to rest with all the action going on, so a proper "walking tour" of the city is offered so you can learn more about the history of Cuzco. Or perhaps you'll want to visit the nearby ruins of Saksaywaman for a deeper historical experience? Your Guides will explain the many options for your time in Cuzco.

Day 7 - Cuzco to Ollantaytambo -

Riding a motorcycle through the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru on the way to Machu Picchu: Could there be a more sought after motorcycle travel experience? Shrouded in ruins and mountains and a valley setting the whole way, Ollantaytambo lies ahead and will serve as a launching point to this highly anticipated site ahead.

Day 8 - Finally...Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchu by Motorcycle

With a multi-day hike or a train ride remaining as the only options to arrive in Aguascalientes, we'll have the train passes arranged for your day trip to the Lost City of the Incas. "All aboard!" as the comfortable train ride through the Sacred Valley might have your mind wandering to the days of Hiram Bingham, the explorer who slashed his way through this terrain in search of this legendary site. Your Guides will help you with the bus ride from Aguascalientes up to Machu Picchu, for a day of exploring. Make sure your camera's batteries are charged for this one!

Day 9 - Ollantaytambo to Quince Mil

Back in the charming town of Ollantaytambo, the RIDE continues further south toward Lake Titicaca, twisting and turning down into more of an Amazon jungle setting in the town of Quince Mil. As we strive for with all our tour offerings, the amazing variety that comes with this route is just part of what makes it such an adventure.

Day 10 - Quince Mil to Juliaca 

Colca Canyon by Motorcycle

Now ascending again to the Altiplano (High Plains) heights of the Andes Mountains, more great riding and sweeping turns makes for motorcycle heaven! With the mountain peaks omnipresent in the distance, and Bolivia to the east, the atmosphere in this very remote stretch of road is perfect for motorcycle travel. It's days like this that will remind you just how vast the country of Peru is!

Day 11 - Juliaca to Puno

Motorcycle Rider view in Valley of PeruA short ride on the way to Lake Titicaca, the fun and vibrant city of Puno sits on its shores. Before arriving at the lake, we'll stop to see the Incan remains of Sillustani. Later in the day, a boat tour is scheduled to visit the Floating Islands of the Uros people, another cultural experience not to be forgotten before a night out on the town in Puno is enjoyed with great dining options and old world architecture.

Day 12 - Puno to Chivay & the Colca Canyon -

Actually deeper than the Grand Canyon of Arizona, the Colca Canyon boasts 4,160 meters (13,650 feet) and is yet another highlight day of riding on this trip. It's also the only off-pavement riding that we'll encounter, but the simple hard-packed gravel shouldn't bother many riders, as your time in the Canyon allows for seeing the gigantic Andean Condor in flight. With agricultural activities lining the valley walls of the Canyon all around, wow what a setting!

Day 13 - Colca Canyon to Arequipa

Andean Condor Flying in Colca CanyonDescending now from the altitude of the Andes, more sweeping turns and twisties bring us home on this last day of riding. With cameras full of memories and plenty of bragging rights as an adventure rider, this means you've now completed your RIDE in Peru! Settle down back into the city, and rejoice with your fellow riders about the accomplishments, memories, and experiences you just shared together.

Day 14 - Departure Day

Only if you must! Hopefully you can enjoy Arequipa a bit more before we take you to the airport. It's not uncommon to feel like you need some time off after such a "rich" motorcycle riding experience! (Extra hotel nights can be included with your package.)

CONTACT US about Which Date You Want to Join the Machu Picchu Express Motorcycle Tour!

Bikes Available

BMW F700GS (twin cylinder)

BMW F700GS (twin cylinder)

The new F700GS offers a larger windshield, enhanced braking system, Electronic Suspension Adjustment, Automatic Stability Control, and a handful more horsepower! As if the previous version (the F650GS) wasn't a good enough adventure bike, this mid-weight option continues to be the most versatile and popular motorcycle rental option.




Certainly considered the “athlete” of the BMW team, the F800GS can be counted on to carry all your travel gear and still maintain the awesome feeling of a pure off-road machine when you’re in the dirt.  With over 215mm of suspension travel, the F800GS boasts 85 horsepower from its twin-cylinder engine, and is sure to give an adrenaline rush when you unleash it!


BMW R1200GS - Liquid Cooled

BMW R1200GS - Liquid Cooled

Revised back in 2013, BMW it seems has done it once again in the world of adventure motorcycles. The new liquid-cooled version of the famous R1200GS comes with a more "upright" stance and off-road friendly positioning.  Now with a wet clutch, a higher air intake perfect for river crossings, and a 10% horsepower increase over the previous model, BMW has clearly made improvements on what was already a great adventure bike.


Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin

Finally, the return of a legend! The long awaited, and thoroughly updated Africa Twin by Honda has been talked about for years, finally making itself available in various markets around the world in 2015. With a four-valve Unicam® cylinder head 998cc parallel twin engine, more power than an adventure rider could ever need is available along with suspension travel and ground clearance to handle the most remote and rugged terrains and pathways. 


Suzuki DR650

Suzuki DR650

Chosen by adventure riders around the world, Suzuki's DR650, is an excellent bike for adventures rides anywhere. It'll maintain it's power well at altitude, and handle all the dirt and rocks you can throw it's way while still feeling comfortable on those stretches of pavement in between. With a seat height of only 885mm (34.8 inches) its accommodating stature makes this manageable machine easy to handle no matter what the situation.