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Guided Group Tour: "The Top 7 Highlights of Bolivia"

The "Top 7 Highlights of Bolivia" Guided Motorcycle Tour Package

The "Top 7 Highlights of Bolivia" Guided Motorcycle Tour Package

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Whether this is your first time to Bolivia or your 10th, we know you want to get the most out of your travel plans. As is true with almost everywhere else in the world, there's no better way to see Bolivia than by motorcycle!

With the 18-day "Top 7 Highlights of Bolivia" motorcycle adventure, you'll experience the best the country has to offer. This includes trekking down the infamous World's Most Dangerous Roads, pit stops along the Salt Flats of Uyuni, afternoon fare in the country's capital city Sucre, and so much more. If you're an adventurer seeking stunning South American views, exciting high altitude climbs and descents, and a first-class historical tour, then pack your bags and look no further!

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Day 1 - The Adventures Begins!

Your Bolivian adventure begins at touchdown when our experienced staff meets you at the airport and leads you to your evening's lodging. Once you've settled in, the group will gather for a large celebration and introduction meal at one of the city's premier steak houses. Depending on the day's schedule, we strive to take riders out for a first-day, shakedown ride through Cochabamba and up to the world famous Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace) statue.

Bolivia Ride AdventureDay 2 - Cochabamba to Comarapa

The long and exiting cross-country trek will be kicked off with a beautiful ride through the rural countryside between Cochabamba and Comarapa. Expect to see picturesque small towns and villages as we ride along roadways comprised of a mix of pavement, dirt, and cobblestone. 

Day 3 - Comarapa to La Higuera

Most of the adventurers that book this tour have a passing familiarity with the book and/or film The Motorcycle Diaries. This memoir of the Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara traces his explorations of South America on the back of a single cylinder 1939 Norton 500cc. On this day of the tour, we'll go back in time to visit his gravestone and track the path back to the beautiful little town where he met his end on the wrong side of a firing squad. 

Day 4 - La Higuera to Sucre

In the morning, we'll spend all day riding along quiet back roads to the mountaintop Sucre, Bolvia's capital city. This day trek includes following a picturesque river and ascending drastically up through the mountains for some of the tour's most spectacular views. Of course, once we reach Sucre, don't be too quick to put the camera away. This pretty World Heritage site is also known as "the White City" for its multitude of white painted colonial-era buildings. 

Bolivia Motorcycle TripDay 5 - Sucre to Tupiza

After several days of dirt riding, we'll descend from Sucre on paved roads. This'll give your muscles a chance to relax, while also providing a great chance to enjoy some of the country's newer roads that offer great riding.

Day 6 - Rest Day in Tupiza

In Tupiza we'll take a day's break from the motorcycle tour and enjoy the surrounding sights. This fantastic location offers plenty of entertainment. Enjoy an afternoon horseback riding throughout the surrounding hills and interesting rock formations, get lost along the shops and cafes of this pretty little town, or simply relax with a dip at the hotel's pool. 

Day 7 - Tupiza to San Pablo de Lipez

Our motorcycle adventure continues with a trip through the beautiful backwoods of southwestern Bolivia. Here, the roads are rarely traveled and you'll get to see a unique side of the country that is both beautiful and harsh.

Adventure Riding BoliviaDay 8 - San Pablo de Lipez to Laguna Colorada

 Today we'll travel to a region that stands as a stark contrast to the remote harshness of yesterday's scenery. By the end of the afternoon, we'll have reached Laguna Colorado, or the colored lake. Located about 14,000 feet above sea level, this shallow saltwater lake is truly one of Bolivia's natural wonders. Other stunning sights we'll see today include fantastic mud geisers and the unique Arbol de Piedra, or the "stone tree".

Day 9 - Laguna Colorada to San Juan

We'll continue are travels through the country's altiplano sand dunes and rock formations. This part of Bolivia is very remote and you can expect breathtaking scenery as we ride along the high altitude roads.

Bolivia Motorcycle TourDay 10 - San Juan to Uyuni

 It's time to leave the wilderness behind us as we make our way to the bustling town of Uyuni. This gateway town sits at the edge of the region's famous salt plains. The journey to this quaint town will be long and hard, but the excitement of the trek makes this day one of our biggest customer favorites. 

Day 11 - Uyuni to Potosi

From Uyuni, we travel upwards on newly paved roads to Bolvia's highest city, Potosi. Located at an astounding 4,060 meters above sea level, this town is best known for being home to Cerro Rico, or Rich Hill. Cerro Rico is the name of one of the Spanish empire's most productive silver mines. Unfortunately, while empires have changed, the process of mining silver her has not. Local miners descend into caves in awful and dangerous conditions with little more than a pick, shovel, wheelbarrow, few sticks of dynamite, and quite a bit of gusto. Feeling brave? Consider taking a real tour into the mines to find out just how this population lives. 

Day 12 - Rest Day in Potosi

 Enjoying just an afternoon in a UNESCO World Heritage Site isn't enough, so we'll stay here throughout Day 12 to allow guests to really explore the streets of Potosi. Book yourself a tour down into the mines, get a history and culture lesson at the national mint, or simply wander the streets and enjoy the local shops, entertainment, and stunning architecture.

Dirt Riding Motorcycles BoliviaDay 13 - Potosi to Oruro

Say goodbye to civilization and hello to a return to backroads adventure. Today we'll continue with our high altitude riding and curve our own way through the country's spectacular mountain ranges. Towards the end of the ride, we'll skirt along the edge of the beautiful Lake Poopo before resting our engines in Oruro, Bolivia's most indigenous town.

Day 14 - Oruro to Quime

From Oruro, we'll leave the high plains of Boliva and travel through to the other side of the great Andes mountain range. Here, we'll make an exciting descent through one of the world's most incredible ancient glacial valleys and break at the small village of Quime. Quime is known for being a 'city in the clouds' due to its unique location between the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains. This is because the hot air of the lower forest rises to condense with the cold air from the mountains to create an eternal state of cloud coverage. 

Road of Death BoliviaDay 15 - Quime to Chulumani

Today we'll be back on the dirt roads as we adventure through the mystic scenery of the Amazon rainforest. Nothing will prepare you for this trek through this remote and truly unique bio-region. We'll wind our way down narrow roads that abut huge drops into fog and nothingness. After a long day of thrill-testing rides, you'll appreciate kicking back with a cold beer and a hot meal in Chulumani.

Day 16 - Chulumani to Coroico

From Chulumani, we'll stay within the upper sides of the Amazon rainforest and take a less-trafficked back road to the quaint town of Coroico. Along the way we'll pass massive plantations of the globally used coca leaves. Not only is this plant the principal ingredient in cocaine and a number of modern medicines, but it also holds a huge cultural role in Bolivia itself for its importance in traditional medicine. We'll arrive in Coroico early in the afternoon, just in time for a late lunch and a jaw dropping ride on the world's longest ziplines that overlook The World's Most Dangerous Road. What better way to experience the thrills of Bolivia than by by flying over the wilds of the Amazon and the infamous Death Road? 

describe the imageDay 17 - Coroico to La Paz

While yesterday you may have flown over top, today is the day to test our nerves on El Camino de la Muerte, or more commonly known as "The Road of Death!" This stretch of pavement earned its reputation by killing over 300 people each year in vehicle accidents at its peak. The "Death Road" is rough, narrow, and overlooks a sheer cliff side drop into darkness. Once, (and "if") we make it past this stretch, we'll make our way onto the highway and travel through spectacular glacial valleys. Along this stretch, we'll pass by massive cliff drops, picturesque frozen waterfalls, and stunning views of the sprawling La Paz, Bolivia's third most populous city. 

Day 18 - Departures, if you must

Don't let the trip end! Riders are clear to leave on this day if they need to, or welcome to stay and explore Bolivia's financial & business capitol city of La Paz. Having seen so many highlights of this beautiful land, be sure to stay and meet more of its friendly people and compliment them on their home country! Airport transfers are included, although we're sad to see this journey come to an end.

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