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4x4 / Jeep Adventure Tours

Imagine the thrill of exploring mountains, jungles, and deserts.

While RIDE Adventures originally just specialized in motorcycle tours, we also understand that not everyone is as comfortable on 2 wheels as our typical client. However, that adventuresome spirit exists whether you're behind a set of handlebars or grasping a steering wheel, and that is exactly why we're excited to offer you these 4x4 tours and adventure travel packages!

Whether you RIDE or you don't, we want everyone to experience the amazing journeys we have available. If your idea of breathtaking exploration includes getting out and actually "seeing" the world, instead of looking at it from a hotel balcony or through the windows of a bus in a foreign country, our trip options should get your excitement level running into the red. From driving through challenging terrain like the Andes Mountains and valleys of Peru to the jungles of Bolivia, we have a variety of unforgettable adventure tours for the daring traveler in you.

Self-Guided trips can be taken on any dates we have rental vehicles available, though we do have recommendations based on seasonal timing. They're also more affordable and offer the opportunity to take your daily travels at your own pace.

Our simplified processes ensure that you don't have to stress over the details. Have questions? We thought you might, and that's exactly why we exist: RIDE Adventures is a full-service travel provider, and upon inquiring, you'll most likely be talking directly to one of our experienced Guides for each area. Send us a note, ask questions, answer questions, and know that above all, our top priority (in addition to your safety) is ensuring that you have an amazing adventure travel experience. 

If you're an adventurous traveler who loves to step outside of the normal "tourist" routine, you've landed on the right website to find new and exciting journeys to embark upon. The 4x4 adventure tours we have available are designed to get you away from the typical trips that everyone sees on a daily basis.

Please keep in mind, nobody just "clicks and buys" adventures like this. It takes quite a bit of consideration and consulting before choosing the right tour for each individual. While all the expeditions we show are fantastic adventures, sometimes the smallest differences between them can be a factor in deciding which thrilling travel package is right for you.

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