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2016 Dual Sport Motorcycle Rallies in the U.S.

Posted by Eric Lange on April 3, 2016
Eric Lange
Since riding his KTM 950 Adventure down to South America in 2008 and launching RIDE Adventures in 2010, Eric now resides in Oregon for most of each year. Riding is still a regular part of his work though, in that guiding tours is a passion he'll always have, and researching new routes and regions allows RIDE Adventures to continue growing and providing reliable travel services to adventure minded riders and travelers from around the world.

sprinter_van_desert_100_race.jpgIf you've either purchased, or are planning to buy the perfect dual sport motorcycle for some much needed adventures, how about a little list of events and ideas to help get you 2016's rally planning started? (Can you we're excited about the nice springtime weather?!!?)

Over the past 6 years, we've enjoyed meeting fellow riders at some of these events, although admittedly, there are quite a few on this list below that we haven't been to yet. Whatever it takes, RIDE Adventures will have staff out at as many of these rallies as possible, hoping to be there and meet you in person.

While we tend to get busy answering questions at rallies, the hope of course is that we'll get a chance to actually RIDE with you while we're there! Be sure to seek us out if you're interested in any of our tours, but are perhaps unsure about whether your riding skills are appropriate for any of our Guided Tours or Self-Guided Packages. We know all these routes and road conditions, but are you sure you're ready to handle something like our new Self-Guided, Truck Supported "Full Patagonia Adventure" package? Be sure to check with us at your next opportunity, and see you at the dual sport rallies this summer!

Rally Name Dates Venue Website
High Desert 250 Dual Sport Jan. 29-31 2016 Ridgecrest, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/12/high-desert-250-dual-sport.html
Death Valley Rally Dual Sport Feb. 13-15 2016 Ridgecrest, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/02/death-valley-ralley.html
Anza Borgego Desert Dash Dual Sport Feb. 20-21 2016 Julian, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-anza-borgego-desert-dash-dual.html
Devil's Creek Dual Spor March 5-6 2016 Dade City, Florida http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-devils-creek-dual-sport.html
Death Valley 350 Dual Sport March 12-13 2016 Ridgecrest, California www.usdualsports.com/2013/02/death-valley-350-dual-sport.html
Tucson Dual Sport March 19-20 2016 Tucson, Arizona http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/07/tucson-dual-sport.html
Lake Hope Dual Sport/Adventure Ride 5/21/16 Lake Hope State Park, Ohio http://www.usdualsports.com/2016/01/lake-hope-dual-sportadventure-ride.html
Desert Daze Dual Sport March 24-27 2016 Southern Arizona http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/05/desert-daze-dual-sportadventure-ride.html
Ride For Kids Dual Sport 4/9/16 Glen Helen Raceway, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-ride-for-kids-california.html
Hoot Owl Dual Sport 4/17/16 Putnam, Connecticut http://www.usdualsports.com/2014/12/hoot-owl-dual-sport.html
Hi-Mountain Dual Sport 4/24/16 San Luis Obispo, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-poly-penguins-dual-sport.html
Renfro Valley Dual Sport April 30-May 1, 2016 Renfro Valley, Kentucky http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-renfro-valley-dual-sport.html
Green Ridge Dual Sport 5/3/15 Little Orleans, Maryland http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-green-ridge-dual-sport.html
Flint Hills Dual Sport June 3-5 2016 Kansas http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-flint-hills-dual-sport.html
Show Me 200--Midwest Trail Riders Assoc. June 4-5 Bixby, Mo. https://www.facebook.com/events/948981148528083/
Reliability Run Dual Sport 6/4/16 Cable Creek Campgrounds, Ohio http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/03/reliability-run-dual-sport.html
Black Dog Ride--Northwest Tour & Trail      
The Hooch Dual Sport June 11-12 2016 Suches, Georgia http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-hooch-dual-sport.html
Nevada Mystery 250 Dual Sport June 11-12 2016 Nevada http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-nevada-mystery-250-dual-sport.html
Big Bear Run Dual Sport June 25-26 2016 Big Bear, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-big-bear-dual-sport.html
Minnesota 300 Dual Sport/Adventure June 25-26 2016 Walker, Minnesota http://www.usdualsports.com/2014/03/norseman-dual-sport.html
Flint Ridge Dual Sport 6/26/16 Brownsville, Ohio http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-flint-ridge-dual-sport.html
Topaz 600 Dual Sport June 17-19 2016 Topaz, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/02/topaz-600-dual-sport.html
2016 Adventure Rally --Rockies Edition July 14-17, 2016 Gunnison, CO http://www.cycleworld.com/adventure-rally-sierra-edition/
6 Days of Michigan Dual Sport July 23-30 2016 Grayling, Michigan http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-6-days-of-michigan-dual-sport.html
Cumberland Covered Bridge Dual Sport 7/31/16 Matthews, Indiana http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-muddobersmatthewsupland-dual-sport.html
Moose Run Dual Sport July 31- Aug. 2, 2015 Walden, Colorado http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-moose-run-dual-sport.html
Quarry Run Dual Sport August 1-2 2015 Hancock, New York http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-quarry-run-dual-sport.html
ZTR Bootleg Dual Sport 8/7/16 Zanesville, Ohio 43701 http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-big-muskie-dual-sport.html
Reliability Run Dual Sport 8/6/16 Cable Creek Campgrounds, Ohio http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/03/reliability-run-dual-sport.html
Buffaloe 500 Dual Sport August 13-14 2016 Columbus, Indiana http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2014-buffaloe-500-dual-sport.html
LBL 200 Dual Sport September 10-11 2016 Cadiz, Kentucky http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-lbl-200-dual-sport.html
Baby Burr Dual Sport Sept. 10-11 2016 McArthur, Ohio http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-baby-burr-dual-sport.html
Monkey Butt 100 Dual Sport 9/11/16 Newark, New York http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-monkey-butt-100-dual-sport.html
Ride Reno 200 Dual Sport September 16-18 2016 Sparks, Nevada http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-ride-reno-200-dual-sport.html
Nutcracker Dual Sport/Adventure September 17-18 2016 Logan, Ohio http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-nutcracker-dual-sport.html
Triple B Dual Sport 9/18/16 Tolland, Massachusetts http://www.usdualsports.com/2015/12/triple-b-dual-sport.html
Somers Fun Dual Sport 8/21/16 Somers, Connecticut http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-somers-fun-dual-sport.html
2016 Adventure Rally-- Sierra Edition September 22-25, Lakeshore, CA http://www.cycleworld.com/adventure-rally-sierra-edition/
WFO Dual Sport 9/24/16 Geneseo, Illinois http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-wfo-dual-sport.html
Triple B Dual Sport 9/18/16 Tolland, Massachusetts http://www.usdualsports.com/2015/12/triple-b-dual-sport.html
Yosemite Dual Sport Sept. 24-25 2016 Groveland, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-yosemite-dual-sport.html
TCTR Dual Sport September 24-25 2016 Huntersville, Minnesota http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/12/tctr-dual-sport.html
Extreme Run Dual Sport 9/25/16 Royalston, Massachusetts http://www.usdualsports.com/2013/01/2013-extreme-run-dual-sport.html
Bishope 3 Day Dual Sport Oct. 7-9 2016 Bishope, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-bishope-3-day-dual-sport.html
Noble Woods Dual Sport 10/9/16 Acton, ME http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-russ-henry-dual-sport.html
Lake Vesuvius Dual Sport 10/16/16 Ironton, Ohio http://www.usdualsports.com/2015/01/lake-vesuvius-dual-sport.html
Fall Foliage Dual Sport Ride 10/18/15 Tiger, Georgia http://www.usdualsports.com/2015/09/fall-foliage-dual-sport-ride.html
Howlin At the Moon Dual Sport Oct. 22-23 2016 Payson, Arizona http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-howlin-at-moon-dual-sport.html
Ride In The Pines Dual Sport October 22-23 2016 Tuckerton, New Jersey http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-meteor-ride-dual-sport.html
King Philip Dual Sport 10/23/16 Wrentham, Massachusetts http://www.usdualsports.com/2015/12/king-philip-dual-sport.html
Hammer Run Dual Sport November 5-6 2016 Port Elizabeth, New Jersey http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-hammer-run-dual-sport.html
Bitter End Dual Sport 11/6/16 Sterling, Illinois http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-bitter-end-dual-sport.html
Leaf River Dual Sport 11/12/16 Leaf River, Illinois http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-leaf-river-dual-sport.html
PSTR Toy Run Dual Sport 11/13/16 Assonet, Massachusetts http://www.usdualsports.com/2015/12/pstr-toy-run-dual-sport.html
Barstow 2 Vegas Dual Sport Nov. 25-26 2016 Palmdale, California http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/07/2012-barstow-to-vegas-dual-sport.html

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