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Women Riders, and Our Twisting of the Throttle

Posted by Sarah Williams on September 10, 2017

Motorcycle riding has long been an obvious pastime for guys—time for the boys to get together, sometimes even with us women on the back of the bike. But, more and more often, women are getting into biking and today it's now said that we make up 1 out of every 8 riders. That's quite some progress, given the rarity it still may be to meet a free-spirited gal that rides motorcycles : )


Motorcycle Vacations for Singles, Groups, and the Adventure-Minded

Posted by Sarah Williams on July 17, 2017

Most of the world thinks of motorcycles as just another way to get to another destination, only different from a car in that we get a little wind in our hair or bugs in our teeth (keeping in mind proper helmet use of course : ) Part of what makes a motorcycle the best vehicle for genuine adventures is just the fact that you're not trapped "within" the windows of a vehicle, or in the case of dual sport bikes, that you're not confined to a particular type of terrain.


6 Compelling Reasons to Ride Motorcycles In Namibia with us

Posted by Sarah Williams on May 19, 2016

Namibia is like a painting – one of the most striking destinations on the planet – astonishing colors abound, completed by a transcendent quality of light, clear blue skies and vast wild spaces. This is a country where you can ride motorcycles for days without seeing another person. In a remote wilderness far from the modern world, things we’d usually take for granted take on a different meaning. Enjoyable, freshly cooked meals eaten under the stars. A roadside stop in the deep shade of an Acacia tree, a beer with friends round a campfire after a day in the desert. 

Etosha National Park 

Stand at the edge of this 22000 km sq ancient lake and see the curvature of the earth, plus an amazing variety of wildlife, Lion, Hyena, Elephant and much more..


Motocross boots for adventure riding: Why not?

Posted by Sarah Williams on November 3, 2015

Admittedly, with the hefty price tag attached to these motorcycle boots came a fair amount of skepticism on my part. I had worn  SIDI Canyon boots prior to purchasing these and to be honest, I was fairly happy and content with them for the entire year in which I wore them. It wasn’t until returning from our research trip to Southern Africa (where I wore my Canyon’s again) that I realized just how much I love and have become accustomed to the protection and comfort that the Crossfire 2’s provide. 

Motorcycle Parts Review: Rox Risers on the Husqvarna TE 450

Posted by Sarah Williams on November 30, 2013

Top Reasons to Visit Peru by Motorcycle

Posted by Sarah Williams on October 3, 2013
When it comes to traveling to Peru, most tourists list visiting the ancient Machu Picchu on the top of their list. And while this awe-inspiring city is certainly worth your time, the country has much more to offer, especially for travelers venturing her roads by motorcycle. Here is a list of our top reasons why you should visit Peru by motorcycle.

Wild Mountain Roads. When it comes to twisting mountain roads, few places on earth can beat Peru's paved roads leading through the Andes. Ascending from Nazca, there is a throughway called the road of a 1,000 curves, and it is not exaggerating. On one long winding stretch you can climb to over 15,000 feet along a variety of exciting switchbacks and tight turns. Your view is complete with wild, virtually untouched mountain landscapes and distant glacial mountains overshadowing lush valleys.

The People. When booking a standard tour in a bus, you are often shuttled from one tourist sightseeing spot to the next. Never having a chance to take a break and speak to the people who call this country home. Many Peruvians still live very traditional lives. While biking in the countryside you will pass patchworked farm plots where farmers and sheepherders still dress in traditional indigenous clothing. Consider making a trip to the market town of Pisac. Here, the streets come alive on market days as Peruvian artisans travel from every corner of the country to peddle their wares. Enjoy time spent immersed in the country's local culture.

The South Coast. Cuzco and its surrounding wonders often overshadow the uniqueness of Peru's southern coast. This is an ideal place to let your wanderlust run wild down desert roads that border the country's rugged Pacific coastline. For those interested in exploring some of Peru's interesting wildlife, make a stop at the Paracas National Reserve. This unique ecological zone is home to various marine life including whales, dolphins, shark, marlin, and much more.

The Many Ancient Ruins. For history buffs and culture enthusiasts, Peru is a magnificent place to explore the ruins and mysterious sites of ancient civilizations. On a motorcycle adventure of your design, you have the opportunity to visit both the most famed and the more hidden at your leisure. Visit of course the Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, but then journey to the northern highlands to discover the city of Chan Chan. Afterwards, point your bike south, and head to the mysterious Nazca Lines and the city of Puno.
PREFER TO RIDE "SELF-GUIDED?" This 14 Day Peru Motorcycle Trip Includes Motorcycle & Hotels

The Backwoods of the Incas & The Peru Motorcycle Trip

Posted by Sarah Williams on September 17, 2013
Tourists from around the world travel to Cusco for the sole purpose of visiting the famed Machu Picchu, a renowned architectural site recently designated as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. While a visit to these Incan ruins is great, the region around Cusco offers a great variety of geography that is ideal for any adventurer wanting a more unique and memorable Peru motorcycle trip that goes beyond the more traditional tourism opportunities.

Cusco, a name that translates to "navel of the earth," was once the ancient capital of the Incas. Today, the city is considered Peru's leading tourist hub. Many people believe the city's ancient planners designed Cusco's layout to resemble the puma, one of their culture's most sacred animals. If so, head north from Cucso to visit what would be the city's ferocious head: the ruins of Sacsayhuaman. This walled complex once served as a military fortress and is lauded for having been the command center for ancient royalty and military elite.

From Sacsayhuaman, it is an exciting descent ride, you will be dropping about 600 meters in elevation, to the colorful village of Pisac. Along the way, consider stopping by Puca Pucara, another walled ruin, and Tombomacahy, an ancient bath that was once used as a purifying location for Inca royalty. Pisac boasts of the country's most diversified open air markets. Here, merchants come from across the country to sell their local food, handicrafts, and regional Alpaca wool clothing. On market days, it is as if every block opens and the whole city transforms into one massive, bustling market. Once you have stocked up for your travels, take the northeast road through the eastern portion of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and make way for the Lares Hot Springs.
WANT TO RIDE IN PERU? The Machu Picchu Express Motorcycle Tour Has Many Highlights
In South America, it can be easy to underestimate distances and the expectations of what each day's sights might be. However, every inch made on a map correlates to an unforgettable ride done by man. The Andes tower above you while the valley stretching before you radiates with a dozen different shades of green, the expansive landscape dotted with ancient ruins.

Capital to Capital: Traveling South Africa On a Motorcycle Trip

Posted by Sarah Williams on September 10, 2013

South Africa boasts unadulterated wilderness side-by-side first world cities steeped with five-star entertainment, food, and housing. Here, you can spend the night surrounded by luxury, only to wake the next morning to speed down sheer cliff-face roads overlooking spawning whales and the chatter of African penguins. The best way to experience all of the expansive landscapes, thrilling country roads, multicultural cities, and unique wildlife South Africa has to offer is to plan an extended holiday and take the long road from provincial capital to provincial capital: Johannesburg to Cape Town.


Motorcycle Trips in South Africa: Riding the Extended Garden Route

Posted by Sarah Williams on September 3, 2013

The best way to experience the uniqueness of South Africa is by the power of two wheels. This unforgettable country has all of the necessary ingredients - favorable climate, quality roads, expansive scenery - the traveling motorcyclist could want. For a trip complete with urban flair, sublime deserts, mountains, and rocky coastlines, take an extended holiday with one of our South Africa motorcycle rental options and travel the famed Garden Route.

Consider beginning your tour just north of Johannesburg in the capital city of Pretoria. From here, it's a delightful ride through the Orange Countryside and down into the Kingdom of Lesotho. Upon Lesotho's border crossing, make your way towards Katze Dam along some of the country's most exciting roads. Here, for 80km you will experience sharp curves with steep gradients and little to no traffic. A motorcycle riders' dream.

Next, ride through the Golden Gate National Park on winding roads bordered by sandstone cliffs and populated by antelope herds and screeching vervet monkeys. The park opens up to a day's ride through the Drankensberg mountains and onto South Africa's Indian Ocean coastline.


5 Reasons to Explore South Africa on a Motorcycle Trip

Posted by Sarah Williams on August 30, 2013

South Africa is an incredible and vibrant country that offers a premier traveling experience. For the motorcyclist, this experience is made even more rewarding by way of the journey. If you are looking for the best backdrop for your next adventure, here are five excellent reasons to explore South Africa on a motorcycle trip.

1. Rich in biodiversity
Despite South Africa covering less than one percent of the world's land surface, this country contains ten percent of all of the world's plant, fish, and bird species; in addition to including six percent of the world's known mammal and reptile species. Any ride taken throughout the winding roads of South Africa's bushveld and savannah regions will find a myriad of classic African species. For those especially eager to sight one of the famous Big Five's, the African elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard and rhinoceros's, consider including a trip to Kruger National Park, a day's ride from Johannesburg. This park alone has herds of over 10,000 elephants, 20,000 buffaloes, and an estimated 2,000 lions. After a day spent capturing shots of these magnificent creatures, spend the night underneath the stars in a wilderness bush campsite, or bed down in comfort in one of the national park's more urban-minded, luxury lodges.


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