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Motorcycle safety product: Review of Ride-On's Tire Protection System

Posted by Eric Lange on March 4, 2011
Eric Lange
Since riding his KTM 950 Adventure down to South America in 2008 and launching RIDE Adventures in 2010, Eric now resides in Oregon for most of each year. Riding is still a regular part of his work though, in that guiding tours is a passion he'll always have, and researching new routes and regions allows RIDE Adventures to continue growing and providing reliable travel services to adventure minded riders and travelers from around the world.

Motorcycle Tire Sealant Ride-On

Continuing to write reviews on great motorcycle products I’ve discovered, in this case it’s the Tire Protection System made by Ride-On®

Following some minor damage to the front wheel of my KTM, I’d been having some issues getting it to balance properly.  Just as claimed by Ride-On®, their product balanced it again perfectly!

I first learned about Ride-On® when I visited with Alex Plewniak the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis.  Other similar products have been on the market for years, but Ride-On® distinguishes itself by offering these benefits: 

  • Tire Sealing in the event of a puncture
  • Extended tire life
  • Elimination of road vibrations
  • Balancing of the tire & wheel

As mentioned, I’ve confirmed that balancing claim as being very accurate.  After taking the wheel weights off my front rim and using Ride-On®, the bike immediately rode as if it were brand new again.  Quite a relief to not have to buy a new front rim to fix this issue I’d been having (a major cost avoided!)

This product certainly could play a role in keeping motorcycle riders safe as well, in that it should prevent sudden loss of tire pressure in the event of a puncture.  Rare as it may be, thoughts of a front tire blowout in particular should have all motorcycle riders seeking protection in anyway possible.

I’ll be adding Ride-On® to my rear tire now as well, and following this blog post with more information when I actually have a puncture to test the sealing feature.  (Watch some of their videos on www.ride-on.com, and I think you’ll agree the sealing feature makes sense and should work.)

Easy to install and potentially bringing you multiple benefits, this product might be falling under that “must have” category.  RIDE Adventures will be working with our motorcycle touring and renting partners to ensure the bike you could end up riding has this product installed!

(Below, Alex Plewniak was showing the differences between Ride-On® products and other makers of tire sealants.  Anyone that reads up or watches the videos on this product will definitely understand why I’m recommending this one.)

Ride-On Tire Protection System Sealant

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