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Women Riders, and Our Twisting of the Throttle

Posted by Sarah Williams on September 10, 2017

Motorcycle riding has long been an obvious pastime for guys—time for the boys to get together, sometimes even with us women on the back of the bike. But, more and more often, women are getting into biking and today it's now said that we make up 1 out of every 8 riders. That's quite some progress, given the rarity it still may be to meet a free-spirited gal that rides motorcycles : )

Anna_Kim_Motorcycle_Trip_Patagonia.jpegAs riding is no longer just for the boys, we women sure have discovered the exhilaration of hitting road on two wheels to discover the joy of the escape. Adventure riding is what you make of it, and you don't have to head off into the wilds of a faraway mountain range to find the thrill. Many women start riding for the freedom felt in a brief commute, which for some becomes a bit of an adventure and chance to make the friendships with other motorcyclists in and of itself; but soon we realize we want even more. "Motorcycle touring" pops into our heads while reading a magazine one day ... 

Riding doesn't have to be a daily activity; like your speed, your frequency of riding is all up to you. There are plenty of ways to make it more exciting even just a few cities over - have a girls’ day out that includes seeing landmarks you've never visited or do an adventure tour for your honeymoon. The point is that you go out and experience something new, and as many enthusiasts will passionately agree, there's no better way to do this than on a motorcycle. Moving from the back of the bike to the front will help you establish yourself as a strong, independent woman, and one who is quite literally "no longer in the background."

Alexandra_Peru_Motorcycle_Trip.jpgSpeaking of that distant mountain range, women adventure riders deserve a little shake-up out of the routine, and for this RIDE Adventures has an array of motorcycle tours and Self-Guided packages that take a lot of the "guesswork" out of such experiences. Planning far enough in advance (spots sell out), gals can try the Alps Moto Explorer tour for example, 15 days through the Alps in Europe, beginning and ending in Munich. The five-country tour takes you past the Furka Pass in Switzerland, the Austrian Pasterze glacier, Lake Como in Italy, Germany’s speed limitless Autobahn, and French wine country. Private groups can arrange this tour anytime but there are publicly-available group tours planned on specific dates every June and July. What better a "girl's trip" for the women adventure riders in your life than 15 days through the ever-changing but always beautiful European countryside?

Alps_Twisties_Motorcycles.jpgYou won't be the first women to hop in front and go on an adventure. That (documented) distinction goes to Avis and Effie Hotchkiss of Brooklyn, New York, who rode 4,500 miles cross-country in 1915. But you will be part of the tide turning riding from a man’s sport to a gender-neutral one, and if you're seeking others to join you on your adventure travels, you should consider a women’s motorcycle club. They are popping up everywhere, especially in urban settings all around the world. A motorcycle club is great socializing for those of us who are new to the experience, and help us meet new acquaintances to spend time with. There are even organizations to bring women together; Women on Wheels is a non-profit organization designed to support riders and share adventures, and we can find them in 33 U.S. states now or start our own chapter.

If you're a woman who wants to start riding, don't be shy ... reach out and meet others. Know that you aren't alone; it's scary but many have done it, and the motorcycle is quite simply one of the easiest ways possible to meet new friends. It's magical! Your worst day ever can be softened by the option of riding away from your problems, and immersing yourself either among motorcycle riding friends, or a sunset so big that it seems to swallow your very existence. This is the life of women adventure riders, a connection to something greater than yourself. That first ride down an empty back road can turn into the lifetime trip through the Alps with a group of girlfriends or new friends you've met from around the world before even realizing it. The camaraderie felt amongst riders is unlike any other in the world : )

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