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You havent booked your Harley-riding vacation for this winter yet?

Posted by Eric Lange on June 18, 2012
Eric Lange
Since Eric rode his motorcycle down to South America in 2008 and launched RIDE Adventures in 2010, he now resides in Oregon but travels each year for more trip research, and of course Guiding tours for our customers.

Harley-Davidson Tour

If you haven't booked a winter motorcycle trip yet or some opportunity to eliminate those grey, sun-deprived days, you might be sorry once again...

OR, you could be one of the lucky Harley-Davidson riders that are booking our Harley-Davidson in the Caribbean tour and your riding itch, Vitamin D needs, partying desires, and adventure ideas will all be taken care of in this fantastic 6-day, 7 night all-inclusive vacation.  Harley Included!

Check out the pictures shown on the webpage, and of course the dates where public spots are available for you or a couple of friends to join.  The remaining dates throughout the year are left open for private group tours, corporate functions, H.O.G. Chapter getaways, and the like.  Keep in mind that H.O.G. Chapters get discounts.

The weather might be great now in the Northern Hemisphere, but do you seriously think you'll be riding much in February?

CONTACT US About your H.O.G. chapter or private group motorcycle tour in the sunny Caribbean!!!

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