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9 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts of 2023

Posted by Garrett Galván on September 25, 2019

Eric holding the best motorcycle phone mounts in the list.

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*Updated Feb 2023*

While many of us love motorcycling for the simple analog pleasure of shifting gears and surfing through the twisties, there's just no denying that even the most low-tech two-wheelers out there can benefit from good motorcycle phone mount. Whether you're using your phone for GPS, music, or a Bluetooth helmet com, here are our favorite options on the market in 2023. 

One of the major benefits of running an adventure motorcycle touring company is that we get to put thousands and thousands of miles in each year testing new gear.

We're big fans of motorcycle phone mounts, and if you follow our channel on YouTube, chances are you've seen one or two of our videos discussing the pros and cons of the various mounts currently on offer.  

Motorcycle riders crossing a bridge in Colombia."Going remote on our Wild and Rugged Colombia Tour package"

Because we spend so much time exploring off the beaten path, we've developed a few specific factors to look out for when choosing the best mounts for our fleet (security, reliability, ease of use, etc).

The products below are ones we've had success with over the last few years, be it on dirt-heavy routes like on our Colombia tours or all-pavement options like the epic Alps Moto Explorer.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts of 2023

#1 Quad Lock Phone Mount

Quad Lock cases have become the go-to for thousands of motorcyclists, and if Charley Boorman's endorsement wasn't enough to convince you, Ride Adventures also uses QuadLock systems on several of the motorcycles in our fleet with fantastic results.

The simple twist-lock design is secure enough to keep your phone on your bike in the event of a crash (ask us how we know), but is also one of the quickest options on the market for connecting and disconnecting your phone. 

Riding on the Washington Backcountry with my Quad Lock motorcycle phone mount attached.

"Garrett recently completed the WABDR with his Quad Lock phone mount equipped"

QuadLock offers multiple versions of their systems nowadays including wireless charging and various mounting options, but the one major option we recommend here is adding their vibration damper to your setup.

The whole system will set you back about $100 including the case, mount, and damper, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a safer, more reliable motorcycle phone mount for even the most aggressive off-roading situations.


  • Easy to mount/dismount device
  • Full screen access
  • Does not interfere with phone buttons or camera
  • Damper provides industry-leading vibration protection


  • Prone to damaging phone cameras if used without damper
  • QuadLock-specific phone case required for use
  • Complete kit is expensive for a phone mount





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#2 RAM Quick-Grip    

We all love a good RAM mount system, but if you're still fiddling with the rubber bands on RAM's X-Grip motorcycle phone mount, it's time for an upgrade. The RAM Quick-Grip does away with the clunky old design and replaces it with a spring-loaded interface that's faster, easier, and more secure.

We've had the privilege of adding this to our bikes on our tour package options in North America and it is working great with zero failures thus far. It's also worth noting that because RAM uses a rubberized construction in their ball and socket mounts, you're getting some vibration protection baked into the design.

Some users still report vibration issues with non-iPhone products however, so while we've never had an issue on one of our test bikes, you may want to add some extra rubber to the mounting bolts for peace of mind. 



  • Rock solid construction
  • Two variations for small and large phones
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Allows access to all corners of phone
  • Fastest draw on the market for photo ops. Pew pew.


  • Setup and installation a bit more involved
  • Some reported vibration issues with non-iPhone devices





#3 RAM Quick-Grip Wireless Phone Mount  

The RAM Quick-Grip system is tough to beat for its security and simplicity, but as more and more phones move into wireless charging technology, it's starting to show its age.

Enter the RAM Quick-Grip Wireless, RAM's updated take on the original Quick-Grip with integrated wireless charging, a simplified phone interface, and 100% waterproof construction.

Free Motorcycle Trip Kit

Many of the same ingredients that make the original Quick-Grip such a great mount are still here including the secure spring-loaded design and vibration-resistant elastomeric construction, but this updated version does away with the four width-adjustable posts for an even simpler setup.

We also appreciate that RAM offers the Quick-Grip Wireless with a complete installation package, which includes the mounting hardware as well as a fuse-protected attachment to your battery terminal and an inline on-off switch to protect your battery when you're away from the bike. 


  • Super secure spring-loaded mount
  • Wireless charging
  • Easy device ingress/egress


  • Expensive
  • Extra installation steps required





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#4 Ciro Premium Charging Motorcycle Phone Mount

Ciro recently updated their proprietary lever-lock motorcycle phone mount to include a USB charging port, and the added convenience is well worth the slight bump in price.

Everything we liked about the previous model is still here including the glove-friendly cam-lock design and vibration-safe rubber grippers, but a simple plug-and-play connection for your battery leads is now part of the package, complete with an in-line fuse for surge protection.

We're fans of Ciro's products because they're all extensively tested for motorcycle use before coming to market. This includes vibration and extreme temperature testing, as well as the use of high-quality finishes and adhesives that are all-weather safe and highly resistant to corrosion.

They're also backed by Ciro's three-year warranty against defects, which adds peace of mind for riders who are hard on their equipment. 



  • Secure holding with lever-lock
  • Built for the rigors of constant vibration and weather exposure
  • Integrated USB charging port


  • Not ideal for offroad use
  • Charging cord not included

Circo motorcycle phone mount




#5 Givi Smart Clip Phone Mount

Givi is arguably the first name in motorcycle luggage, but they also know a thing or two about making high-quality accessories.

The Givi Smart Clip is their latest motorcycle phone mount, and while the design is getting a little long in the tooth compared to some of the options on our list, it still has one clear advantage: It doesn't get in the way of your camera. 

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That's because due to Givi's unique three-prong layout, the upper corner of your smartphone is unobstructed, leaving you free to snap photos or shoot video on the fly as needed.

We also give the Smart Clip props for its extra-secure design, which Givi claims is designed to handle shock forces up to 35 Gs.


  • Super secure design
  • Built to handle big hits and hard acceleration with ease
  • Simple glove-friendly interface


  • Expensive
  • Mounts to tubular handlebars or mirror stems only

Givi smartclip motorcycle phone mount




#6 Freakmount Billet Magnetic Phone Mount

We're usually wary of magnetic phone mounts on motorcycles for security reasons, but the new Freakmount Billet Magnetic motorcycle phone mount is as secure as they come.

Freakmount's secret is the six rare search magnets hidden inside its rubber base, which hang on for dear life even at triple-digit speeds. 

Motorcycle Trip Kit

Just like a magnetic tank bag, the main benefit of an all-magnetic system like this is simplicity: Just stick it onto any sizable piece of metal (typically your gas tank), and you're good to go.

We also appreciate that Freakmount designed this mount to accommodate even the largest new phones, so it should work with anything from an old iPhone 5 to the latest-greatest iPhone 14, even if you're using a chunky case like an Otterbox Defender. 


  • Ridiculously quick and easy to mount/remove
  • Leaves handlebars uncluttered
  • Affordable


  • Can scratch paint over time if not regularly removed for cleaning
  • Only two points of contact





#7 Kuryakyn Tech Connect   

Most riders associate Kuryakyn with their cruiser-focused line of accessories ranging from chromed-out cupholders to insanely loud sound bars, but if you're looking for a cheap and effective motorcycle phone mount, you shouldn't overlook the Kuryakyn Tech Connect. 

With mounting hardware for every kind of handlebar, a four-point cradle, and the security of a double thumb-screw adjustment system, the Tech Connect is as versatile as it is reliable.

You also get a degree of vibration protection thanks to the Tech Connect's rubber-padded contact points, and while it's not quite as robust as something like the Quad Lock damper system, there's no denying the bang for your buck that comes with this mount. 



  • Huge adjustment range
  • Rubber contact points for vibration protection
  • Super secure dual-screw tensioning system


  • Limited mounting options
  • May interfere with buttons on certain phones
  • Multiple screws to tighten every time you use it




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#7 Mob Armor Switch Phone Mount

   Mob Armor may be best known for their 4-wheeled off-road products, but their first foray into the motorcycle market, the Mob Armor Switch, is definitely worth considering.

With a tough powder-coated 5052 aluminum alloy construction, high-density EVA foam vibration protection, and multiple mounting options to choose from, this compact mount is built to handle the rigors of the open road. 

While this mount lacks the ease of use of a spring loaded interface, there's something to be said for the security of Mob Armor's thumb-screw adjustment system, which allows you to lock in the most secure fit possible for phones of just about any size.

We're also fans of Mob Armor's patented "claw-mount" system, which can easily be detached and moved between your motorcycles, vehicles, or even mountain bikes with the simple twist of a thumb-screw. 



  • Bombproof construction
  • Vibration damping included
  • Leaves buttons and most phone cameras clear
  • Wide range of compatibility including 1” ball systems


  • Claw-mount prone to loosening over rough terrain
  • May not fit narrow phones perfectly
  • No lateral adjustment




motorcycle trip packing banner

#9 Tech Mount TechGripper

The Tech Mount TechGripper is a clamp-style mount using an arm on each side to hold your device in place. Rubber linings on the arms and center of the mount prevent devices from sliding out or being subjected to excessive vibration, and Tech Mounts uses a proprietary ball-and-socket system with a locking collar to secure the mount to their line of motorcycle-specific bases.

The TechGripper is sold alone or in kit form with multiple motorcycle-specific bases, and is available in a powered version with a hardwired micro-USB port to keep your device charged on the go.

Our only real concern with this mount is that we've heard some riders complain that the plastic adjustment hardware is prone to cracking when overtightened, so if you have a reputation for being hard on your equipment, you'll want to keep that in mind. 


  • Easy to use spring loaded system
  • Handlebar and stem-mounted options available
  • USB-powered versions available


  • Only two points of contact
  • May interfere with volume/power buttons on certain phones
  • Plastic pieces prone to cracking when overtightened

Tech Mount Techgripper Motorcycle phone mount.



Motorcycle Phone Mounts Our Tour Guides Use

**Quad Lock & Ram Quick-Grip**


We've been super happy with Quad Lock & RAM Quick-Grip as our choices on our adventure motorcycle tours. These seem to be the best current options for mounting your smartphone, due to their ease of use, secure mounting system, slim form factor, and almost universal compatibility.






New motorcycle phone mounts are coming out all the time though, so make sure to bookmark this list as we regularly update it when new models hit the market or older ones become obsolete.

If you've got another mount that you've tried but don't see here, make sure to drop us a comment below. We're testing and reviewing new gear all the time, and we're always looking for the next best thing to bring along on our tours. 

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