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9 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts for Adv Motorcycles

Posted by Adam Eckert on September 25, 2019
Adam Eckert
Originally based in Nashville Tennessee, Adam is a writer, firefighter, and paramedic who is currently on leave from his job for a year in order to take a trip on his Africa Twin down to the end of the world, Ushuaia.


    As the driving force of an ever more connected world, smartphones have become essential tools of life in the 21st Century. Whether it’s avoiding traffic jams on a busy commute, navigating remote destinations on a long trip, or immediately notifying emergency services in the case of a crash, smartphones are an equally essential tool for ADV motorcyclists in any environment. There is a wide and diverse range of motorcycle phone mounts to fit nearly any style of bike and rider preference and RIDE Adventures has compiled a list of our favorite mounts, their respective pros and cons, and what to look out for when choosing a mount. In particular, we consider a secure hold, attachment options, ease of use, and isolation from engine vibrations as the most important factors in choosing a good mount.

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Ciro Premium 

Last known price $35 w/o mount

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    A four-point finger-style phone mount with a one-touch, flip-down lever to lock the phone in, the Ciro Premium mount offers a widely adjustable and secure device holder. The Premium mount uses a proprietary ball-and-socket attachment with a screw-on locking collar for easy adjustment. Handlebar and control mounts are available to fit most motorcycles.



  • Secure holding with lever-lock
  • Narrow fingers shouldn’t interfere with buttons
  • Easy adjustability


  • Only fits phones <3.5” wide
  • Limited mount options
  • Mounting hardware can be complicated


GIVI Smart Clip

Last known price $95

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    A long-standing player in the motorcycle luggage industry, GIVI has turned their attention to motorcycle phone mounts with the Smart Clip. A three-point attachment with spring-loaded arms and a built-in handlebar clamp mount, the Smart Clip’s offset design is intended to leave the camera on nearly every common smartphone free for use while riding. Available in medium (iPhone 4) and large (iPhone 6+) sizes.



  • All-in-one design
  • Tool-less installation
  • Adaptable to nearly any smartphone
  • Leaves rear camera and buttons on most phones free for use
  • Sturdy.


  • Expensive
  • Will not mount to bikes without tubular handlebar and requires add-on Smart Bar accessory.





GIVI Universal 

Last known price $73

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    Deigned to fit either a smartphone or dedicated GPS unit, this full-zip-closure case is available in three sizes to fit screens from 3.5” to 5.0”. The GIVI case includes a foam spacer to adjust fitment and dampen vibration, a universal design with a built-in sun shade, touchscreen-compatible window, and includes a rain cover and quick-release handlebar mount. 



  • Completely encloses device
  • Protects from the elements and vibration
  • Waterproof with cover
  • Adaptable to multiple devices


  • May not fit larger phones and/or phones with abnormal screen proportions
  • No access to phone buttons
  • Limited adjustment
  • Only fits bikes with handlebars






Last known price $73

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    A popular intercom and motorcycle electronics company in Europe, Interphone has entered the US market with a series of motorcycle phone mounts using their proprietary mounting system. The Unicase is a water and impact-resistant full-zip case with a touchscreen-compatible window. The Unicase is available in three sizes for screens up to 6.0” all of which include a handlebar clamp mount. Interphone also offers several phone-specific cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, as well as several different mounts.



  • Universal fit
  • Fits all but the largest phones
  • Multiple mounting options


  • No button access
  • May allow phone movement depending on size
  • Requires additional mount for bikes without tubular handlebars





Tech Connect

Last known price $32 w/o mount

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    A four-point device cradle that encloses your device’s bottom corners and secures with two opposing screws for secure holding, the Tech Connect offers one of the most secure phone mounts on the market. Standard and Large sizes to fit devices up to 6” wide. Compatible with proprietary Kuryakyn mounts.



  • Huge adjustment range
  • Can fit anything from smartphones up to small tablets/phablets
  • Super secure holding system


  • Limited number of mounts
  • May interfere with buttons on phones of certain size
  • Multiple screws to secure



Mob Armor


Last known price $60 

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    A newer entry into the market having previously catered to the off-road truck/ATV/UTV market, Mob Armor has turned their attention to motorcycles with the Switch series. A three-point cradle mount constructed from 5052 aluminum with neoprene vibration dampers on the back and corners, the Switch offers two sizes fitting phones up to 7.2” x 3.4”. The Switch is adjustable with a single thumbscrew on the back securing a vertical adjustment slider, and is available in eight different colors with suction cup, magnet, bar clamp, and ball mount options.



  • Bombproof construction
  • Some vibration damping
  • Cool colors
  • Leaves buttons and most phone cameras clear
  • Wide range of compatibility including 1” ball systems


  • Locking screw has been known to back out
  • May not fit narrow phones perfectly
  • No lateral adjustment





Last known price $50 w/o quad lock phone case 

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    QuadLock is another new player in the motorcycle phone mount game, and one that has quickly built a reputation as one of the best mounting systems on the market. Unlike mounts that use some form of external grip or generic-fit case, the QuadLock system is based around a slim twist-and-lock mount that is either integrated into one of QuadLock’s many model-specific cases, or available as a stand-alone piece that can be attached directly to your phone or any aftermarket case with a smooth back. Scroll down for as we included our discount button that will save you 10% on the Quad Lock. 



  • Slim mount
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to mount/dismount device
  • Full screen access
  • Does not interfere with phone buttons or camera
  • Leaves most fingerprint sensors free


  • Vibration Damage issue for Iphone 11 and up (Update: 2021 recent release of dampener fixes this issue)
  • Mounting system does require the purchase of a Quad Lock specific phone case.




RAM X-Grip 

Last known price $30 w/o mount

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    One of the gold standards in motorcycle phone mounts, the X-Grip is possibly the most-used phone mount among motorcyclists. The X-Grip, as its name implies, uses a spring-loaded X-shaped set of arms that hold devices at four points of contact. RAM includes an elastic security band to ensure that your device does not move in the mount. Some users, including the author, have reported excessive vibration transmitted through the X-Grip that could potentially damage devices. The X-Grip is compatible with RAM’s wide range of arm and mount options, and is available in three sizes fitting small smartphones all the way up to 7” tablets. 



  • Universal fit including tablets,
  • “Double-layer” security
  • Easy device ingress/egress


  • Security rubber band covers large portions of screen
  • Mounting arms and rubber band may interfere with phone buttons
  • Rubber arm covers are easy to lose and tear easily
  • Extremely susceptible to vibration and potential phone damage
  • Cumbersome, and a bit slow to mount/dismount





Tech Mount


Last known price $50 w/ mount

Check Current Price

    The Tech Mounts TechGripper is a clamp-style mount using an arm on each side to hold your device in place. Rubber linings on the arms and center of the mount prevent devices from sliding out or being subjected to excessive vibration, and Tech Mounts uses a proprietary ball-and-socket system with a locking collar to secure the mount to their line of motorcycle-specific bases. The TechGripper is sold alone or in kit form with multiple motorcycle-specific bases, and is available in a powered version with a hardwired micro-USB port to keep your device charged on the go.



  • Small, spring loaded for secure grip
  • Large mount/base ecosystem
  • Light, powered versions available


  • Only two points of contact
  • May interfere with volume/power buttons on certain phones
  • Proprietary mount/base system






We believe that the Quad Lock system is the best current option for mounting your smartphone, due to its ease of use, secure mounting system, slim form factor, and almost universal compatibility. We reached out to them lately to praise how much we've loved using these on our bikes and they offered us a discount code for our readers. Click below to save 10% on the Quad Lock system!


10% Off Discount


As more manufacturers realize the utility of smartphone mounts for motorcycles, we will hopefully have even more and better options to report to you in the future. But at the time of this article these are the best that we've found and used. 



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