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Motorcycle Riding Safety: Know and "feel" your terrain

Posted by Eric Lange on August 7, 2012
Eric Lange
Since riding his KTM 950 Adventure down to South America in 2008 and launching RIDE Adventures in 2010, Eric now resides in Oregon for most of each year. Riding is still a regular part of his work though, in that guiding tours is a passion he'll always have, and researching new routes and regions allows RIDE Adventures to continue growing and providing reliable travel services to adventure minded riders and travelers from around the world.

Motorcycle Tar Snakes"Tar snakes," they're often called.  They're among the many potholes, cracks, bumps, and other imperfections out there on the roads we ride across on our motorcycles.

Have you ever actually taken a moment to touch these cracked pavement repair strips with your hand?  Basking under a mid-summer sun, the instability of tar snakes might surprise you.  Softened in the heat, I was easily able to smush and distort this one about a quarter of an inch in each direction.

Yet just ahead on the road though, the trees had created such a shadow that the tar snakes remained quite firm and stable.  Without direct sunlight beating down, this rubber repair job might be great for maintaining traction with your motorcycle through a turn.  But what would it be like if it was wet from rain? 

The point of all this is that there are countless factors to consider when riding, and the more you know about each factor, its potential to change, and how you and your motorcycle will react to each change will all play a role in your safety and success.  Instead of just relying on the sensations you take through the bike while riding, it's not a bad idea to reach out and gain new perspective from time to time.  The more you know and are able to predict, the safer you'll be amongst the infinite number of factors to consider each time you ride!

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