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Customer Experiences

"I just got back from a 5 week trip to South America with my good friend Jan Linek where we travelled through 4 countries and logged 10,000 km.  Booking our motorcycles with RIDE Adventures was made painless and easy. Eric's knowledge and experience with travelling through these countries was evident with the suggestions he made for us regarding roads, hotels, tourist traps to avoid and even what to expect at border crossings. 

-Remi Aquin, District Sales Manager (Pictures from Jan and Remi's travels by renting motorcycles in Chile, and riding through Northern Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Northern Argentina.)

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"Your assistance in planning our trip was outstanding, and everything went smoothly from beginning to end. The sites we enjoyed in Patagonia are going to remain in our memories for a long time and it is going to be difficult to find some thing else which could beat them. Even the weather we encountered was beautiful!

-Dominique and Patrick from Maillot , after 18 days of a self-guided motorcycle trip in Patagonia.

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"During a motorcycle trip to Alaska in 2010, we decided to go see "the other side" and ride through Patagonia. But life got in the way and two month before getting down there we had little more booked than our plane ticket...
This is where RIDE Adventures comes in. 

-Emily & Johann, Ann Arbor, Michigan
-Anna & Patrice, Seattle, Washington, a
fter 10 Day incredible self-guided riding trip through the heart of Patagonia

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"Hi RIDE Adventures,
Overall the trip was great. The closing of the pass was a real wrench in the plan. We decided to play things by ear and instead of going to Argentina spent our days exploring the region around Puerto Varas. We met a great french couple running a place called Casa Ko and loved staying with them and getting daily recommendations. Some of the highlights were Volcan Osorno, falls near Petrohue, the road to Cochamo, Lago Tagua Tagua, and taking the ferry from Ruta 7.

-Chris from California, after a week-long motorcycle rental in Chile and Argentina.  In December of 2012, Paso Samore (between Osorno and Bariloche) had a fire and was shut down for a couple of weeks.  Riders had to make some last-minute route adjustments!

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"Eric, Thanks for all your help on our trip to Patagonia. You did a super job staying on top of the details and the trip went as smooth as I could imagine. Whether it was translating for the hotel staff in Tierra del Fuego or planning an amazing itinerary, we were very impressed. It would have taken me weeks to reproduce what you did. The maps and fuel suggestions were very valuable. I would be happy to endorse your services, please use me as a reference. Now I need to plan the next trip!"

-Tom Prendiville (Shown in the picture during a self-guided Patagonia motorcycle trip with his brothers. Here crossing the Strait of Magellan on the ferry with the BMW Motorcycles.  Next stop, USHUAIA!)

"Just got back from a great ride in Peru...RIDE Adventures helped nine of us to build and ride a personalized tour of Peru...the ninth person was a Peruvian that lives here in the States. Having a Spanish speaking guy with you really makes the trip

-Ted Beck - Montana - If you want more particulars - email me! (Ted and his group did a self-guided motorcycle trip of Peru with motorcycles we provided, and hotels and maps we arranged for them.)

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"Back home and distracted! We had a fantastic adventure, thanks you for your assistance everything was a pleasure and I am working on getting a group together to come ride again!"

-Ryan Roux & Andres DuPlessis - South Africa - after 20 days of BMW motorcycle rentals in Patagonia in 2013

"We really had a great time on the trip overall. In the beginning it took a day or so to figure out how to best pack the bags and especially the top bag to allow for enough rear seat space for Juli to be comfortable. 

-David and Juli - from Austin, Texas, after their 10-Day self-guided motorcycle tour through the Andes Mountains of Patagonia between Chile and Argentina

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"Thanks for all your help - our trip was truly a memory of a lifetime; astonishing scenery, driving and people from start till end.

-George and Anders from Norway, after 10 great days of BMW motorcycle rentals in Chile, spent riding the Andes Mountains of northern Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile -  on the ferry at Estrecho de Tiquina to Copacabana, Bolivia for sure!

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"Hi RIDE Adventures,

I had great trip and great start in California with GS Motorcycle. Next time I will get plan for ride with your team travel some where else interesting. I passed my fear about traffic and now I can enjoy like American people! So many video was took I will update you soon."

-Minh Tran from Vietnam after 15 days of riding across the U.S. on an BMW R1200GS.  His first time riding in the U.S., all part of an architectural research project, and meeting friendly Americans along the way!

"All around, a great trip. Your entire organization is totally professional. Your email responses were always prompt and accurate. Like I said, Lars was very honest in his assessment of my trip and he was right. It's obvious that all of you actually ride and you know the routes.

-Terry Banen from the U.S, after what was clearly a great self-guided motorcyle trip in Peru, including Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu.

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"Well, the trip came to an end today. Pulled in at 3:00 showing 1475 miles.  I can't wait to start looking through all the pictures and videos.  Really want to thank you guys for an incredible time! I could not have asked for a better time. Chad...you and Ernie are top notch tour guides and photographers...thank you!"

-Jeff Baenen from Illinois after his September 2013 Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail guided motorcycle tour and ride back home on his Triumph 1200 Explorer

"Hey Eric - We had an amazing trip! Everything with the bike and equipment was perfect. I've attached a few photos in case you'd like to use any of them. Thanks for everything!"

-Andrea and Chapman from California after a weekend ride through the Lakes District of Chile, Northern Patagonia on a BMW F800GS rental.

"This was truly awesome riding. What a scenery, how much massive natural beauty. I attach one of my favorites, Lago Pehoe in Torres del Paine, and that’s taken w/ my phone... Not my last time riding in S. America."

"We just got back from our vacation and were totally amazed by the beauty of all the places we visited. We really appreciated the help and courtesy demonstrated by your Chilean partners and were also impressed by the size and neatness of your facilities. Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me and for visiting us while you were in Florida. I will make sure to recommend your company to everybody I know and who is interested in motorcycle trips."

-Isabella Scafati from Italy & Miami after a self-guided trip in Patagonia with her boyfriend, Dale in January 2014.

"Just wanted to thank you for everything with the trip. We had an amazing time and will definetly recomend you guys to my riding friends and anybody looking for an amazing experience.
Needless to say I hope this won't be my last trip so I will let you know when I'm ready for the next one..hopefully soon!"

Best regards,

-Santiago Falla from the U.S. and Colombia, after his 12-Day Self-Guided Patagonia Motorcycle Trip with his girlfriend in February 2014.

"Hey, Finished up nice here in Pucon. Cudos to you and Ulli. Great ride thanks. You can quote me on that. Regards, Steve"

-Steve Curry from New York after a Self-Guided Patagonia motorcycle trip on the BMW F700GS.

"Thank you Eric and Ulli for a GREAT trip. everything was organised 24 hours before our departure to Chile and went like a clock. Especially important to us was the option to reduce our Excess in case of theft/damage. No other company in Chile was prepared to offer this. We'll be back!"

-Pieter and Reghardt from South Africa, after a last-minute self-guided tour of Patagonia on BMW's from our fleet in Pucon, Chile.

"Fantastic comprehensive service! 1.) The staff was very responsive in communications to set up the trip and ensure all prior planning was accurate and efficient. They made sure to keep in touch while on the trip as well to ensure everything was going smoothly and help out with any questions. 2.) Maps, routes, and day notes provided by RIDE Adventures were well planned out and incredibly helpful on our self-guided tour. They personally walked us through our trip route twice to make sure we saw everything we could see. 

-Philip & Philip Moor from New Jersey, USA , after what was clearly an enjoyable self-guided Patagonia motorcycle travel experience! As they first let-out the clutch in Osorno.

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"Este viaje fue una experiencia de Vida, el equipo fue muy profesional, la ruta formidable, Eric y Tomas excelentes personas y compañeros de viaje. muy divertidos y profesionales." (In English, which Gustavo speaks extremely well also: "This trip was a life experience, the team was very professional, and the route was formidable. Eric and Thomas are excellent people and travel partners, very fun and professional.")

-Gustavo Scherenberg from Mexico after his private group's "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" motorcycle tour in February 2014. This group added an extra day for rafting the Futaleufu River. Be sure to Contact Us and ask about how you can, too! (Gus's group in front of the Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park.)

"Thanks again for a great experience, you are right they do envy you. I was very impressed with profesionalism of the whole business from my first enquiry to arriving in Osorno. Of course i am bragging like hell about how I didnt scratch the bike. It would be very difficult for me to suggest ways you could have improved that trip and I appreciate the flexibility and effort you went to, to get us to Ushuaia outside the normal tour itinerary. I will certainly stay in touch and drop some photos once I get a chance, All the Best, Martin"

-This from Martin Farrand from New Zealand. We included some pictures of Martin on his "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" motorcycle trip. (Martin's helmet represents the infamous All Blacks from New Zealand overlooking the Queulat National Rainforest)

"What a great trip and adventure! The riding was fantastic and the planning was professional yet flexible and spontaneous. I would recomend RIDE Adventures to anyone."

-Warren Bean from Oregon, USA after his "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" motorcycle trip. Returning to Chile with the other riders, wishing they could turn around to do it all over again as we were told!

"The trip was simply great and remarkable. We followed roughly the itinerary you suggested with some deviation in particular for Lake District and made some more stops on the way. The nature and its variety is just breathtaking. It was a bit tough on Carretera Austral due to the road works and weather but still beautiful."

-Zbigniew Ostapiuk and his wife from Norwary after a 16 Day Self-Guided Patagonia Motorcycle Trip in Chile & Argentina. They showed us that the BMW F650GS is perfectly capable of 2-up riding even when off-pavement!

"Man, that trip was unbelievable! Crazy awesome! Fantastic roads, mind blowing scenery and awesome people. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Chile and Argentina definitely had their own plans for us. We only had three reservations throughout the trip....we missed all three, but it always worked out for the better. To sum up: Fu@&ing Fantastic. You’ve got customers for life."

-Myles Colligan and Taylor Garrigan from the U.S, after their self-guided version of our "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" motorcycle tour. Clearly, they enjoyed!

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"RIDE Adventures, you are the best! Thank you for patiently answering all our questions over the past several months. Thank you for keeping us confident that we can do this self guided. Thank you for a great itinerary that gave all the right information still keeping the adventure riding spirit intact. 

-Krishnakumar Gopinathannair from California, after he and his friend, Bijoy completed their Self-Guided Patagonia Experience trip in February 2014. Glad you enjoyed, and great seeing you along the route, guys!

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“I was part of a Brazilian friends group that in the period from 02 to 11/05/2014 held a 2014 Atacama Expedition (Santiago - San Pedro de Atacama - Santiago). We rented 07 BMW 1200GS liquid cooled bikes from RIDE Adventures, all of them with zero miles. This is a very serious, organized, and extremely professional company. I recommend RIDE Adventures for motorcyclists who need to rent a bike for his travels around the world. I really appreciate the service. Thank you RIDE Adventures Team!”

-Fernando Carneiro from Brazil, after his group's Northern Chile trip on BMW motorcycle rentals we provided. Glad you enjoyed the service and riding adventure, Fernando!

-Paulo Godoy, also from the same Brazilian group renting BMW R1200GS's in Chile. Vê-lo novamente, amigos!

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"Javier was a great guide and a very fun and good person. We are making a movie of the trip (Javier was the main cameras man) and will share that with you. Here are a couple of photos from the trip. Thank you very much for an incredible journey in a wonderful country. Next year we are off to Russia for our annual cruise. We had an AWESOME trip. A big special thanks to Javier...he was extremely special."

-Charles Davidson, Brandon Batagol, and Bruce Syme from Australia after their private motorcycle tour of Peru. Glad you guys enjoyed so much, let's do those "hot springs" tours!

"Last Saturday, our group got together with all our wives to have dinner, see more than 3,000 pictures, and remember this great motorcycle adventure. There are two points I like to share with you that the group agreed upon: First is that everybody commented on how you are a very well organized guide, and the second, that Patagonia is the best ride we have done yet. It is going to be difficult to beat."

-Jacobo Ayub from Chihuahua, Mexico after his private group "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" tour in early 2014 - It was great riding with our new friends from Mexico!

"The trip was fantastic. Antonio was a great host and provided everything to my expectations. It was difficult to leave, would have easily spent more time riding!"

-Carlos Aguirre from the U.S. after clearly enjoying his 1-week All-Inclusive Harley Tour in the Dominican Republic!

"From the moment I started planning this trip until the very end, every question I had - and there were many - was answered by Eric in great detail. Everything about my experience with RIDE Adventures has been fantastic. The bike rental and itinerary was setup perfectly and really allowed me to enjoy incredible beauty of Patagonia at my own pace. 

-Mark Mackoviak from the U.S, after his Self-Guided Motorcycle Trip in Patagonia, having clearly enjoyed the experience!

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"Our trip from Osorno to Punta Arenas was our first adventure ride in South America and the scope of the project was difficult for us to comprehend. Eric provided everything we needed in the way of prudent advice and kept us out of trouble. Several things he iterated held true and had we not listened to his advice could have run out of gas, gotten seriously lost or worse. 

-Louis Zietz from Texas,  after months of months of planning and patiently waiting for what was clearly a successful Self-Guided Motorcycle Trip in Patagonia!

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"The bike trip finished today and we delivered the bikes. All the time spent riding in Patagonia was great, very hard, cyclonic winds and the real Ruta 40 in bad ass ripio!!!  When i arrive in Portugal i will download everything from the camera and send some landscapes to you because they were really something. Best regards, Vitor, Hugo and Inês"

-Vitor Freitas from Portugal after what sounds like a great time on a self-guided motorcycle trip in Patagonia! You bet it can get windy on some of those sections...

"We've taken hundreds of pics and we know all our friends are already enjoying the wonderful vistas. Ulli was super and he really stepped up when we had those mechanical problems. We will recommend your operation to anyone who wants to hear !!! Now thinking about South Africa next year..."

-Sylvain Arseneault from Canada who enjoyed a self-guided motorcycle trip in Patagonia, and clearly has more interest in riding!

“A buddy 61 and I 65 did a February 14 to 28 self guided Patagonia trip South to North from Punta Arenas to Osorno via Villa La Angostura, Junin Los Andes, Pucon, and Valdivia. We speak little and no Spanish, did 4 border crossings, and while on motos booked no rooms ahead. We had no problems and will return. We opted for the best gas, lodging, meals and wine available PDX to PDX, all for under $900 US each. RIDE Adventures guidance for routes, route expectations and ride times w
as spot on. It was spectacular. You should do it, before you miss it.”

-S Burns MD from Oregon, USA after what was clearly a successful journey through the heart of Patagonia on their Self-Guided Motorcycle Trip!

"Everything about the trip was great. The hotels were very nice – the large suites in Pucon especially as we had riding gear for 2 that takes up a lot of space. I also liked its quiet location. The bike was great as well – I did not suffer a flat so I got it easy. Chile and Argentina were beautiful – I just wish we were closer.

-Mike Culwell from the U.S., after a private-group, customized version of our Best of Northern Patagonia tour. His group even had the unique opportunity to witness the still-active Villarica Volcano erupting just a few miles from their hotel in Pucón!

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"Everything worked great with the bike and everyone where I picked the bike up was really great. All in all a great experience with your outfit. The trip was great. Will definitely be back to Patagonia on a bike! Need to learn fly fishing first though."

-Chad Kodanko from Wisconsin in the U.S. after his own Patagonia motorcycle rental experience around the Best of Northern Patagonia area clearly has him thinking about another trip to explore the south!

"We had a wonderful time, hot sunshine most of the week, with warm rain to finish off. - We saw wonderful coastlines and coconut trees, Antonio did an excellent job, we could ask for nothing more.

Many thanks!"

-Lall and Beryl from the U.K. after their 1-Week All-Inclusive Harley-Davidson tour in the beautiful Dominican Republic

"Obviously I cannot talk for the others, but personally I have to say it was a fantastic trip. You always have to be careful about statements like ‘trip of a lifetime’, but it certainly wasn’t far from that. I kept on having dreams of the trip for weeks after coming home.

-Matthias Kuhn from Germany

Following up on his motorcycle rental in Patagonia and long-awaited trip with friends, which clearly turned out well!

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"It was a fantastic ride. Much more than we expected. It was also much more demanding that I expected. The BMW 800 was an excelent choice and we loved the bike we were given. Plan on long ride days. 350 kms don't seem like much, but with rain, hail and fog it took almost 9 hours to complete that leg. It was major fun thou. The people at ADV are great. Met Eduardo and he was VERY helpful with all posible details. The only drawback was the darn GPS. But Then again I always had problems with the Zumo units. A minor glitch in an otherwise fantastic adventure. Don't miss Peru. You'll love it."

-Gustavo Priyoltensky from Massachusetts after what was clearly a great self-guided motorcycle trip in Peru with his father in early 2015. Come back again, guys!

"My husband Steve and I were part of a great group of people that completed the trip from Osorno to Ushuaia in January/Feb 2015. We were two-up on a 1200 GS. The entire trip was well organized with excellent accommodation and great food. The ever-changing scenery was spectacular bringing with it interesting riding challenges. 

-Jeannie Pelletier from Canada, after their "Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia!" Motorcycle Trip Package with the fantastic group above. We had so much fun!!!

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"The ride was very good, thank you! The service we received in Osorno was perfectly on par with expectations and the ride itself (to the north of Argentina and through Paso de San Francisco) was a great adventure."

-Szymon Pura from Poland after he used our motorcycle rentals in Chile to do some exploration in the open expanses up north. Great riding up there as well!

"Guys had a great time, despite Phil almost being arrested LOL. He left his ID and money etc. under a mattress at one of the hotels a maid found it and turned it in but not before they were stopped at a checkpoint along the route. Phil had no idea he had forgotten it.

Your staff was wonderful in assisting them. Phil took like 1600 photo’s. Next time they want another motorcycle trip, I will definitely keep you guys in mind. Thank you so much for all your assistance."

-Written by Brandi who assisted in setting up a self-guided Peru motorcycle trip package for the Nelson brothers from the U.S. Worth noting here is that, while we don't recommend leaving things behind in hotels, there are definitely good people all over the world, including beautiful Peru!

"The routes were stunning. Hotels were, by and large, good and we appreciated the fact that options were limited in the smaller towns. The bikes were excellent and compliments to the guys you organized them through....all very efficient. --- I will be referring a friend of mine and his group to you shortly..."

-John Swart from South Africa after months of waiting for his private group Best of Northern Patagonia tour in April 2015. We look forward to riding with you again, John and friends!

"Fantastic tour on the Machu Picchu Express. Good route with a mix of desert, mountains and rainforest. Some excellent riding and a good crew. Top marks to Geert and eddy who kept us entertained in the evenings and informed during the tour plus on the road whatever the problems that came up."

-David Kellaway from the U.K. after what was a successful first experience riding a motorcycle in the Andes Mountains of Peru on theMachu Picchu Express tour package

"My dad and I had the best time of our lives! Diederik and Edi were excellent, really help made it a great tour. - If anyone would like to contact me to ask questions about the or tour around Peru, please feel free to pass them my email and Cc; yourself."

-Alexandra Carroll from Australia, having given us exactly what we're after in this business: Great feedback about motorcycle trips! Alexandra and her father joined one of our "7 Highlights of Southern Peru" tours in early 2015.

"There is nothing like seeing a country through the lens of a knowledgable native guide like Darko! The food and hotels were fantastic and the roads, seemingly designed for motorcycling, were a non-stop adreniline rush! The tour took us through quaint little villages along the Adriatic giving up the treasures the region. Darko is not only pationate about his country and motorcycle touring but his knowledge of the region, it’s people and culture brought the trip to life. Thank for an adventure that will be searing in my memory for years to come!"

- Steve Simpson from Kansas City, U.S.A. after clearly enjoying his "RIDE the Balkans" motorcycle trip through Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina