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Ride Adventures Blog

Meet the new RIDE Adventures Sprinter Van & Toy Hauler

Posted by Eric Lange on May 24, 2015

Winter has finally cleared and some long-awaited sunshine here in Oregon made for a brief photo shoot this morning. Introducing to you: The nameless behemoth that many riders will see up close on motorcycle trips, and at rallies, races, and events in the coming years....the new RIDE Adventures Mercedes Sprinter Van.


Tour Update: Now Ride Through Patagonia to Ushuaia in Just 14 Days!

Posted by Eric Lange on April 24, 2015

Don't consider the incredible duration since the last blog post as a suggestion that we're "taking a break." Actually, it's projects like this one and your bookings that are keeping us busier than ever!!!


New Motorcycle Trip: "RIDE the Balkans" of Eastern Europe!

Posted by Eric Lange on December 27, 2014

As you might have on our Facebook and other Social Media accounts, in August 2014 I found myself out doing more motorcycle trip research...this time in The Balkans of Eastern Europe. The result of this trip is that RIDE Adventures now has another great trip so that you can "RIDE the Balkans" either guided or self-guided!


Motorcycle Safety by Accident Scene Management & Road Guardians

Posted by Eric Lange on November 22, 2014

Have you ever taken a course or learned something that made you think, "wow...everyone should know about that"?


Now With Motorcycle Rentals and Tours in Bolivia!

Posted by Eric Lange on November 18, 2014

It was just a matter of time until the right connections were made and research was done. Folks, we're happy to announce that we now have motorcycle rentals & motorcycle touring options in Bolivia!


Eurotrippin' in Search of the Best Motorcycle Routes

Posted by Eric Lange on August 20, 2014

Is it too cliche to say, "It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it?"

Hey, it's the truth. This business started by riding and researching motorcycle routes, and it continues to grow partially due to such efforts. Now in eastern Europe this past week, riding the Dolomites of northern Italy and the Alps of Austria and Slovenia, I'd say RIDE Adventures will have more to offer soon!


Patagonia Riding Season Over, More Great Memories Behind

Posted by Eric Lange on April 16, 2014

Another incredible Southern Patagonia season has just about come to an end, and with a smile, our list of happy customers has grown quite a bit more. Things couldn't be better for RIDE Adventures, now in its 4th year of operation.


KTM Adventure Riders, Did You Meet Pete?

Posted by Eric Lange on April 3, 2014

KTM Riders in the northeastern U.S., have you met Pete Manzoli yet? Keep an eye out for him…this rider practcially bleeds Orange, and gets around the riding scene.


Year 2013: Incredible for RIDE Adventures!

Posted by Eric Lange on December 25, 2013

Friends and fellow motorcycle riders, a huge thanks goes out to all of you for making 2013 such an incredible year for RIDE Adventures, LLC! The business saw fantastic growth in its 3rd year since opening, and we'll proudly continue with more plans for making more happy customers in 2014 and beyond.


Motorcycle Fly & Ride Peru: Self-Guided or With Friends

Posted by Eric Lange on October 12, 2013

In case you hadn't noticed, the 14 Day Self-Guided "Fly & Ride Peru" tour is now available! 


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